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sandramjsandramj Worongary, Gold Coast, QldMember Posts: 250
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We have set up a page for Gold Coast women with breast & other womens cancer so we can arrange meetups, events and general discussion regarding local Doctors, BC Nurses, hospitals, treatment centres etc.  If you live on the Gold Coast and would like to join just like this page.
then ask to join the private group.  The group is private as we can share photos or discuss anything we feel important without anyone else able to see it.  


  • JoyousJoyous Member Posts: 6
    ThAnks for your email I don’t have Facebook & your link isn’t working. BCNA staff asked me to go online but referrals need to be private not public on this site - that’s why I have my email address  Please this is urgent can anyone recommend a knowledgeable GP
  • JoyousJoyous Member Posts: 6
  • Rosie_BCNARosie_BCNA Member Posts: 217
    Hi @Joyous, you could come along to the free BCNA Gold Coast conference on the 12th & 13th of October and meet up with local women as well as hear the latest information about breast reconstruction, the emotional impact of breast cancer, lymphoedema, diet, sexuality and sexual difficulties and complementary therapies. You can register through the following link -   

    @sandramj, are you or any local woman you know coming along so @Joyous could meet you there? 
    Also, would you consider posting the conference flyers on your FB page? 

  • sandramjsandramj Worongary, Gold Coast, QldMember Posts: 250
    Hi ROSIE. 
    Ive posted the flyer on our page & in the group and quote a few ladies including me have registered for the conference and also there’s a local GCUH celebration for cancer patients on 27/9 - would you like to post that on the BCNA website.  I won’t be at 27/9 and I can’t contact Joyous as her email address doesn’t show on message.
    We have 135 GC women in our private group now - most of them are doing
    active treatment now.  
    Let me know snd I’ll post the event 27/9 on here for you to forward.  
    Kind regards
    sandta Johnston 
  • sandramjsandramj Worongary, Gold Coast, QldMember Posts: 250
    Type your commentGold Coast ladies please register if you’d like to go. 
  • Rosie_BCNARosie_BCNA Member Posts: 217
    Hi @sandramj, thanks for sharing. That's brilliant! Great to know you are coming along to the Gold Coast conference. 
    You can contact @Joyous privately by sending her a direct message  https://onlinenetwork.bcna.org.au/discussion/comment/87144/#Comment_87144
    FYI The instructions are found in the Community Info tab under the heading Navigating the online community.    :)
    Cheers, Rosie 
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