Public or Private (please help!!)



  • Afraser
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    My experience was similar to @iserbrown, went private, my surgeon and his breast care nurse were excellent. My surgeon works closely with my oncologist - his referral but my choice, also happy with that outcome. 7 years after diagnosis, I still see them yearly and both are happy for me to call or visit if I have any issues or queries. That degree of consistency can be hard to achieve, public or private, simply as practitioners move/change like anyone else. But I have valued it. Best wishes. 
  • iserbrown
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    Also my Oncologist works closely with my Breast Surgeon and my Gynaecology Oncologist. 

    As we start this process we tend to look at the immediate as we don't realise it's a journey with a team.  

    As I reflect occasionally I tend to say who'd thought!  

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    Hi @maddi. I went down a similar path to @Lisa1407. My tumours were found through Breastscreen which takes you down the Royal Melbourne Hospital path if you choose that option. I chose to use my private health insurance at RMH and also when doing chemo and radio at Peter Mac and had all the excesses and gaps paid for by the fund.
    Along with @kmakm, I'm bamboozled by how it all works  :s .
    I know too if you live more than 100km you'll be eligible for the Victorian Patient Transport Assistance scheme which subsidises travel and accommodation costs. Think Pink in St Kilda Rd also have a 2 bedroom apartment where you can stay whilst you're in Melbourne having treatment. The Cancer Council also helps with this.
    Good luck going forward xox

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    Hi @maddi - I was diagnosed eight years ago and asked my doctor about the pros and cons of private or public. I chose public and have experienced no regrets, little did I know at the time that treatment would be ongoing. During this time I have had Herceptin infusions every three weeks so far 112,, regular heart scans and a CT scan once a year, last year there was a local recurrence and I had x15 radiation 'zaps'. In all that time I have only paid for parking. The care is excellent.