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When is your birthday?



  • patdugpatdug Member Posts: 42
    Thanks Giovanna. Patdug's birthday is 2 January ...lovely idea:)
  • Susie2450Susie2450 Member Posts: 7
    Hi ladies,  
    My birthday is 18th June 1956.
  • CarriePCarrieP Perth WAMember Posts: 39
    June 26th 💕
  • ChezaHChezaH Gold Coast Member Posts: 437
    patdug said:
    Thanks Giovanna. Patdug's birthday is 2 January ...lovely idea:)

    Hope you had a lovely day, cheers Cheryl

  • FLCloverFLClover Sydney Member Posts: 1,102
    Happy belated birthday @patdug!! Hope you had a great day and wonderful start to the year 🎂🥂🍀♥️
  • patdugpatdug Member Posts: 42
    Thank you so much FLClover for your lovely birthday sentiments.

    Warm regards

  • mg2mg2 Melbourne Se suburbsMember Posts: 16
    29th august

  • shireeshiree Member Posts: 2
    May 3rd
  • rebeccamarierebeccamarie Member Posts: 25
    May 1st 
  • KJCKJC Member Posts: 3
    April 6th.
  • jteejtee MelbourneMember Posts: 20
    20 June for me! :smiley:
  • looeezelooeeze Member Posts: 16
    Yay for birthdays! I'll still be under chemo for mine so a virtual cake will go down just great :)
    22nd March xxx
  • FYONA1FYONA1 Member Posts: 133
    6th feb
  • KelllKelll MelbourneMember Posts: 5
    November 25th :smile:
  • Mk86Mk86 Member Posts: 1 New Member
    8th of Feb....35th bday. but who cares ...just another day of non celebrational missery. Starting to wish cancer won.
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