Panic attacks

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i have just finished my 4th AC and this week going on to 12 weekly taxols.
during my ac I would have a week feeling really off physicaly and emotionally but would pick up the following week... as of my last ac I have not been coping emotionally and have been having awful panic attacks and anxiety...
I’m just wondering if others have experienced similar? Wondering if perhaps it’s my body being forced into menopause or just a side effect of chemo?
thanks for reading xxxx


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    @Mic80, it's probably an accumulation of all the factors you have mentioned, plus the emothional response to all you are going through, physically & emotionally. Have you considered some counselling? The BCNA helpline might be a good place to start for some suggestions on where to go for help and support 1800 500 258, predominantly business hours. Is that right @Giovanna_BCNA? The Cancer Council also have a line, 131120. 
    My local cancer centre also has counsellors available to us, check with your hospital what may be available to you.
    Let your team know how you are feeling, they need to know and they can't know unless you tell them.
    Above all else, let those closest to you know how you are feeling, they'll want to help, love and support you.
    What you are feeling isn't unusual, in fact many who have been treated for cancer end up with a form of post traumatic stress, which is why it is so important that you continue to reach out for help and support. This stuff is HARD!!!!

    Take carw, I'll be thinking of you 
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    I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety during chemo. My BC treatment put me into menopause too. I am still depressed and anxious, but don't have panic attacks, though I can feel my body trying occasionally. I've had them before so I know what they feel like.

    I was put on antidepressants and I'm still on them. See a therapist as well. I'm on Letrozole now, and depression and anxiety are listed as side effects of that.

    I was talking about it with my oncologist a few weeks ago. She agreed with me that it's hard to tell where the effects of being diagnosed with cancer, the treatment, menopause and Letrozole, started and stopped. It could be one, some or all of them. Plus of course we bring our own life luggage into the cancer shit show.

    She's asked me to have a two month break from the AI so we sort out what's what. I'm to take notes for two months before, as well as during, and then hopefully we'll have a better idea of what to treat, the Letrozole side effects or menopause. Both of which have limited options with ER+ BC... But at least we'll know.

    BC is a clusterf**k. You'll get through, but it's hard. Ask for help. There's no point suffering from debilitating panic and anxiety. This BC shiz is hard enough as it is! Who would you feel comfortable talking to? Your GP, or breastcare nurse? There's helplines too, so you could call the Cancer Council on 13 11 20 or BCNA on 1800 500 258 for some support and advice.

    Hang in there. Big hug, K xox
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    I have suffered on and off with anxiety since my late teens and have many panic attacks in my late 20's (58 now). They are just awful!! BC came along for me 4 years ago when I was actually feeling the best physically and emotionally for a long time. After the intial anxiety at diagnosis, I settled down and actually coped quite well until two years in taking tamoxifen, which messed with my emotions,  and my husband being hospitalized for major depression.  This really hit me hard and i went into a bit of a spin. I saw a counsellor who was amazing and my oncologist prescribed me lexapro which I am still taking and which has helped me cope much better.
    I would see be if you can find a counsellor who you can relate to, so nice to have an objective, professional ear to listen and advise.  I also found guided meditation helful on days when I felt really overwhelmed. 
    You are going through a lot, be kind to yourself and take care. It will get better!
    Big hugs,

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    All the psychiatrist was interested in doing was throwing happy pills at it which I had a reaction to. My lymph nodes swelled sending the surgeon and oncology in to a panic. I went off the pills and now take cannabis oil. I am still fragile but can cope now.
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    Thank you all so much xx
    I have to get out of my own head I think...just so scared I’m not going to be around to see my kids grow up... I need to try and focus on the now but sometimes I just can’t control these feeling of dread xx
    Thanks again for listening and taking the time to offer your kind words xx
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    Sorry if I am slow to offer support. I have been a little distracted. 
    We all have moments!  
    There's great support within the forum and the BCNA website offers well researched info 
    Hope this link is beneficial

    Take care 

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    Yes that right @lrb_03, the BCNA helpline is open Monday to Thursday from 9 am till 6 pm and on Friday 9 am till 5 pm.
    The Cancer Helpline 13 11 20 is open Monday to Friday from 9 am till 5 pm.
    The other helpline that we also refer to which is available 24/7 is Beyond Blue on 1300 22 4636