Does cows milk contain oestrogen and if so ........



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    @Sister Quite frankly, two or three 'sister wives' would be fantastic!

    Did you ever watch "Big Love"? They almost made that way of life look appealing...
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    No I didn't.  The husband gave me the creeps!
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    I’m sure that with all the research that has been done with BC, if there was a risk that consuming certain foods was a contributor to feeding our BC, our doctors would have told us not to touch them.
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    I became aware of intake of increased estrogen through dairy. I asked a professor at peter mac and she said you would have to have a hell of alot. Every  plant and animal has estrogen. While I am on anti estrogen I am not bothering because calcium uptake is more important to me. After menopause your fat cells produce estrogen. Always question your naturopaths opinion and your doctors for that matter. kindly berry