Does cows milk contain oestrogen and if so ........

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My bc was lumpectomy with 1 lymph node involved with invasive ductal carcinoma Grade 2.  E & P + HER2-  recently I’ve been told by TWO naturopaths I should not be drinking ANY cows milk or dairy products as the milk is extracted from cows (or goats etc) when they are lactating and then also when they’re pregnant, therefore contain high amounts of hormones.  It makes sense the milk would contain hormones, but I’d never thought about it and now I can’t stop thinking about it. 
Has anyone heard of this or KNOWS anything about it.  
Many information would be hugely appreciated. 



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    I haven't heard anything like that @sandramj and would imagine that if it's a problem, it would be mentioned given that dairy is such a ubiquitous part of many diets and we're told to maintain calcium.  On the other hand, it depends what you read as to whether soy products are an issue.
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    As milk cows are always lactating, the naturopaths are just stating the obvious. Cows milk is to help calves to grow, so there will be some hormonal content. It’s mainly in the fat - so low/no fat may be preferable while maintaining your calcium intake. I have asked for the question of both cardiologist and breast surgeon. As I have been using low fat dairy for years prior to bc, that’s what I have stuck with. Reduced cheese though. 
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    We drink non-homogenised full fat milk. It tastes so much better than low fat milk. I have no problems with cholesterol.
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    It all depends what you are used to. I can’t drink full fat milk with any pleasure now as it tastes - well, fatty. As indicated by @Sister, there’s no definitive negative finding about milk. I want to reduce my dairy fat intake for a range of reasons, although my cholesterol level too is fine. 
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    Why is there soy milk and almond milk?
    I have this image in my head of someone milking soy beans and almond nuts. 😃
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    Another thing on the list of stuff to be concerned about with no definite answers.  

    For those who like stats and studies.
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    @Patti J - out visiting last weekend and I was given OAT milk to put in the beautifully brewed coffee !  All I can say s that it was absolutely disgusting !
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    Whenever my mum comes to visit she has either oat milk or rice milk. Ugh. I cannot drink cows milk so I have soy in my coffee and macadamia or cashew milk in my cereal. I like coconut milk in my hot chocolate. 
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    it's weird isn't it that there is no information about it - No info known by my oncologist.  Aside of all the stuff farmers put in their cows the natural oestrogen is obvious but I'd never thought about it before.  Do the naturopaths know more about this than the oncologists or breast cancer organisations????  I am lactose intolerant and had switched to drinking lactose free milk but this almond milk is a whole other taste too.  My allergy test just also confirmed Im gluten intolerant also and Ive known about both for many years but chose to ignore it.  Now in my fight to stop this bc from metastasising I've changed my diet, drinks, household items, shampoos etc.   Here are so many chemicals in everything and then I prefer to eat and consume Australian products and that makes grocery shopping an absolute nightmare.  eg. Just bought bacon the other day and noticed the labelling.  Conatins 18% Australian product????????  Seriously ??  So I asked the butcher and he said that the 18% was the additives - the pork came from China.,  OMG.  We bought Australia fish (whiting fillets) and noted again Australian product - but PROCESSED in Vietnam.  No wonder cancer is increasing?!!!! grrrrrrr 
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    Interesting about the bacon coming from Chinese pork in the light of the Chinese swine fever epidemic.
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    Down that path lies madness @sandramj
    There is a video circulating on my Facebook, a talk by Neale Daniher, which I think sums up my attitude to looking at why we are in trouble. I'm such a Luddite I can't share it, but his message resonates with me. Looking backwards doesn't help.

    The view forward may be limited, but it's still a view. Trying to unpick what has happened won't help, unless it's as part of a regulated project. Everything else is just speculation.  The way  we conduct ourselves is the only thing in our control (I struggle with that)

    I can no longer bear tabloid journalism where every 'maybe' becomes a 'possibiity' that morphs, within weeks, into a 'probability'
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    @TonyaM thanks for the reminder about the cancer council guidelines.  I’ve changed my diet tremendously but my concern is because my bc was E & P+ I’m taking meds to stop my body making oestrogen for five years, the two naturopaths pointed out that by drinking cows milk I was feeding my body oestrogen.  Thats my concern. Seems wrong to be taking meds to stop oestrogen then drinking cows milk laden with oestrogen.  I’d love to think it doesn’t so I could drink milk with no concern, but once I’ve been told about it I can’t “unknow”. Just wish there’d been some research on it or some information about that exactly.  I need the milk for bone density and LOVE it just don’t want the oestrogen if it’s there.  
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    @Romla yes I’ve asked around now to find out most pork products that don’t have the bone in them are from China. Apparently the ham leg and any pork product with a bone in it is Australian.  Seems ludicrous. I’ve bought good old Aussie brands only to find its less than 20% Aussie. Pays to read labels and ask questions obviously these days.  No wonder our lives are so busy and we’re all so stressed. Just buying food involves investigations 🥴😥
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    @Zoffiel yes I LOVED Neil Daniher’s speech. Bring an ex Victorian & keen Essendon supporter I’m amazed as his wonderful attitude.  He is s role model for LIFE. I don’t look back so much but trying to do what I can to live as long & healthy life as I can.  Yes I’m onto the biased maybe lying media but these two naturopaths are not TREATING me but I know through two charities I volunteer for doing pamper days and info meetups. I just wish there was some research or FACTS out there.  Anything.  I love milk & dairy but hate the fact it could be undoing the meds I’m taking to stop the bc coming back. 
    Thanks for your comments. X