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Hi everyone,
Everyone seems to have a bit of information from personal experience, so I thought you may be able to help me.  I’m looking for a fun exercises or movement class that are for breast cancer warriors, I live in Logan Queensland and I have not had any luck, all the programmes I have found are in Brisbane or the other side of town.  thank you everyone 


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    I also struggled to find appropriate exercise classes. I live in regional Victoria and there isn't much on offer.
    My breast care nurses organised a 'pity pass' to the local YMCA and it was there I discovered Body Balance classes. They have really suited me. A combo of yoga, Pilates and tai chi, the program is fantastic for improving strength and flexibility. You need to add cardio as well, but if you can find somewhere that offers it, give it a try. Mxx
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    I did a great programme for bc rehab through my oncology clinic during chemo but once I went back to work, I found it impossible to access anything.  I work near the city but live in a rural area so even the sessions offered in the evenings didn't work for me as there was no way I could turn around and head back into town after getting home from work.  I did access the YWCA Encore at the end of last year - I enjoyed it but it's pretty hit and miss as to when it will be offered and it is generally just a 10 week programme anyway. 

    So, what I have done is to develop my own set of pool exercises based on that and on what I have done in other aqua-aerobics sessions pre-BC, combined with a few lengths swimming.  I bought a 10 visit pass at a pool that is "sort of" on the way home from work and go there once a week.  If you were in Adelaide, I would suggest you join me!  (I've actually got my MIL interested as she has some health problems stopping her from exercising.  I've suggested that she goes to a couple of qualified instructors to find out what she is able to do and then come with me for company.)  For me, the pool is a great exercise option.  Other things often leave me tired and drained while exercising in the pool is still tiring, but also makes me feel energised, if that makes sense.  My daughter trains in a local swimming squad and the coach has suggested that I join in the Masters group so I would then be able to swim when she trains.  The catch is that I would have to compete a few times a year so my swimming will have to improve beyond 4 very poorly executed lengths at a time - but this may also be an option for you if it interests you and you have a local squad with a Masters group. 

    I have also installed a box of light weights near the couch and I make myself do a programme of these every couple of days.  Again, based on exercises I did through the rehab classes and those in a book called "Strong Women Stay Young".  As I am reluctant to take calcium supplements, I am hoping that resistance exercises will keep osteoporosis at bay.  Not fun, but easy enough to do.

    You could also see if there is a Pinc & Steel physio situated near you.  I think the exercise groups differ from place to place but they also do Stand Up Paddleboarding as a rehab programme in some places.

    I hope you find something.  It may just be that you need to be a little bit creative.
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    I have tagged you here as you have knowledge of different groups in your area. Not sure but they maybe helpful for @Kate62

    Take care 
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    Hi I live on the Gold Coast and there are many places who do exercises but apparently we need yoga, Pilates etc. I know of a group at Coomera that is gr8 - it’s run by an exercise physiologist called Harmonee.  https://www.generalwellnesscentre.com/plans-pricing   Check out the website. They also have online exercises.  Harmonee is fantastic. You could get 5 appointments to see her via referral from GP.
    Msg me if u wanna know anything about cancer support on the Gold Coast. Northern end is well covered.  Pamper days etc.  x
     Good luck @Kate62

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    Thanks @sandramj
    A wealth of info 
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    @Kate62 A group I volunteer for has makeover pamper days at NERANG Bicentennial Hall on the first Monday of alt months June Aug Oct. See this fb link.  
    And Chrissy runs Beauties Feeling Fabulous doing pamper days for cancer ladies - next one is August in Labrador.  https://www.facebook.com/beautiesfeelingfabulous/
    Hope you find these helpful. 😀
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    Have you had a look to see if the YWCA Encorehydrotherapy program is running in your area ? It’s free , runs for 8 weeks and might provide a great start.
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    Thank you everyone
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    not sure where you are ? thought you might have some ideas for @Kate62

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    Hi @Kate62,

    I’m on the Sunshine Coast @SoldierCrab so not really very close to Logan. But the exercise group you are thinking about might be the Bone Clinic, who are great for those of us with bone density issues. They do have a number of training centres including Coorparoo (their main centre) and the Gold Coast. The classes are designed by an exercise physiologist and focus on strength and balance. The classes I have been to are very friendly and you get lots of guidance from the coaches in small group classes.

    The Onero program (which is their online program) is recommended by  Osteoporosis Australia now. There are a growing number of exercise physiologists who are offering the program all around Australia. Bone density can become a problem especially for those of us on hormone treatment. I was diagnosed with osteoporosis after only 12 months on Femara at just 49. I have been doing the program for almost 3 years and have really improved and maintained my bone density. It’s actually fun and the classes are very social and supportive.

    Hope you find something suitable for you @Kate62. Take care. xxx
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    @Kate62 I live in SA so cant help you with any exercise classes near Logan but if you wanted to do something by yourself in the comfort of your own home.......yes, you will have to motivate yourself....then can I suggest the Pilates DVD that is available via the link below.

    Information about Strengthen your Recovery: A Pilates program following breast cancer surgery is available through BCNA's website: www.bcna.org.au or by calling BCNA on 1800 500 258.

    A free "care parcel" inc the DVD, bra, pillow & assortment of brochures, were given to me while in hospital before my surgery. if you didnt get one then you could order one for free via the details above. Even though my surgery was Dec 2017, I still do the DVD exercises 5 times a week after I return from my morning run or walk. It keeps my body flexible & loose & especially helps with the tightness you may feel following radiation. the program is designed for up to 10 weeks after surgery so I just continue to do the "10 week on" session. 
    I am a bit of an exercise nut so i also run & walk as well as making up my own strength training session using hand weights or just use jars or anything with a bit of weight. This helps with bone density. 
    Hope this helps. It isnt the same as the fun you can have in a class environment getting the motivation & friendship of others but sometimes it is nice to do something free at home when you want to.
    All the best & I hope you find something that suits your needs so you can get out & enjoy all the benefits of exercise!!
    take care xx