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Newly Diagnosed and overwhelmed



  • kitkatbkitkatb Member Posts: 442
    Hi @Penny001 agree with all the wise words the others have mentioned.  It is always worse in your minds eye than what it actually is.  The actual having the infusion is not as bad as what you have imagined.  You have to remember these chemo nurses have chosen to be in their field and I found nothing but compassion and understanding and as well as plenty of bad jokes to make you laugh.    I had one issue where I had a reaction ( I was on a different regime to you ) but I can tell you the nurses where with me within seconds and did what they were trained to do as well as putting me at ease. Also when you go in for your chemo take a few little snacks and drink which you enjoy.  They usually also have a choice of sandwiches and plenty of volunteers ready to make you a cuppa.  It is doable and you got it.  Just breathe and take each day at a time.  Good luck with it all. xo
  • kezmusckezmusc Member Posts: 1,469
    Hi @Penny001,

    I found the AC cumulative, so number 1 and 2 weren't too bad and I recovered quickly.  3 and 4 took a little longer to get over but still not tragic.  The paclitaxel was a walk in the park for me compared to the other one.  I drove myself there and back on that one without a problem. 
    The only real side effects I had from it was sun sensitivity and a weird skin rash (not common) but I have weird skin anyway.  Apart from that I functioned pretty well normally and never caught any bugs or got sick the whole way.  It all just depends and that's the tricky bit.  You will work out a routine after the first couple and you can plan around that.

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