Moving to Canberra-public or private?



  • arpiearpie Mid North Coast, NSWMember Posts: 3,558
    Safe travels, @Mjheke - It will still be School Holidays, I think .... and remember in Canberra - when passing schools, you have to slow down to 40kph (or similar) even on weekends & during holidays, I believe!!!  (Absolutely STUPID in my mind - but them's the rules!!)

    take care & I bet you'll settle in well & have fun catching up with the local members xx

  • MjhekeMjheke ACTMember Posts: 78
    Thanks @arpie 

    We have that same rule in Brisbane but only for the weekdays and not school holidays-That seems ridiculous!

    Really looking forward to the move. Everyone seems so friendly so far-did a bit of a double take last weekend when we were there as random people asked how we were going. It was lovely  :)

  • lrb_03lrb_03 Member Posts: 1,172
    No, it's not school holidays or weekends, but it is all day week days.

    Also in the town centres there is a 40km/hr speed limit
  • kmakmkmakm MelbourneMember Posts: 7,799
    @Mjheke Will do!  :) K xox
  • arpiearpie Mid North Coast, NSWMember Posts: 3,558
    ahaha .... Thanks for clearing that up, @lrb_03 - I thought my girlfriend said even weekends & hols (which really sounded silly to me!)  Mind you .... all day (when the kids are supposed to be in school ....... ) sounds just as silly to me, too!  LOL  

  • lrb_03lrb_03 Member Posts: 1,172
    It can be irritating,  @arpie. But then again, I'm generally at work most of those hours, so it doesn't impact on me too much.... just Wednesday's,  when I don't work  :p
  • CarmelSCarmelS CanberraMember Posts: 252
    Hey Michelle sounds like you're  all organised. I have just snuggled into bed in Kimba SA. after a week  (so far) of 4wd. We've  gone S-N up the Googs Track via some unused tracks to Jellabinna Rocks then back south via Gawler Ranges & Lake Gairdner,  Pildappa Rock amongst other rocks then zipped up the Buckleboo Stock Route just because we could. These are some of the treats down south.....albeit a bit further than  ACT.  Lots of 4wd clubs in the ACT if you are interested too.
    Heading into the cold season now so get that heating cranked up asap.
    Happy to help with any queries for the next couple of months then we're heading north through Qld acoss NT to WA. 
    Best of luck with the move
  • MjhekeMjheke ACTMember Posts: 78
    Hey Carmel,
    Thanks. That sounds amazing! Enjoy the rest of your trip. I imagine it’s getting a bit cooler now. Not really looking forward to the cold. It’s the first thing anyone talks about when I say we are moving to Canberra 🥶
    I love the NT. Have never been to WA. Enjoy. 

  • arpiearpie Mid North Coast, NSWMember Posts: 3,558
    @Mjheke  They have a World Championship Mountain Bike course there too - almost in the middle of town, from memory!! Go Paddling and fishing on the lake .... I did a 3 day hike that finished at Dingo Dell - there are some great walking trails around Canberra - and the whole place is set up for commuting by bicycle ..... here is the bushwalking club:

    What ever your interests - guaranteed, there will be a club for it in Canberra!  ;) 
  • CarmelSCarmelS CanberraMember Posts: 252
    Damn right there will be a club for everything.........
  • MjhekeMjheke ACTMember Posts: 78
    Well, we have arrived in Canberra after a big 3 day drive. Supposed to be 0 degrees tomorrow morning, so a baptism by fire! (Or ice) 🥶❄️⛄️

    So so happy to get here after a lot of hard work to achieve it. Everyone is so friendly. 

     Thanks @arpie, some great suggestions there. I am looking forward to the bushwalking. I am only 17 mins bike ride from work so will give that a go too! We are going to walk the lake tomorrow. Still feel like tourists. We move into our house Monday 😊🎉🎊

    M x

  • lrb_03lrb_03 Member Posts: 1,172
    Welcome  :)
    I haven't poked my nose back out the door since arriving home from work, but unless the wind drops right off, it's unlikely to get down to 0 degrees. On the flip side of that, if the wind does drop, anything could happen.

    With "walking the lake" do you mean the popular Canberra bridge to bridge walk, or the whole 34km??? Either way, layer your clothes. If it's a clear day, even 16 degrees can be beautiful
  • MjhekeMjheke ACTMember Posts: 78
    Thanks! I am hoping it doesn’t 😕 I’m not quite sure I’m ready for that yet...

    ill hVe to look at the bridge to bridge walk. I just meant walk some of the lake. Wasn’t clear with that. 34km might be a bit much. Maybe a good bike ride though at some stage. 


  • arpiearpie Mid North Coast, NSWMember Posts: 3,558
    It will probably be colder where I am going on Monday (Snowy Mountains) than Canberra - where DH Lawrence once said the best view of Canberra was from there rear of a departing train!  (LOL)

    Someone else said "A good Sheep Farm, ruined!)   LOL  'Cos that's what it was in the late 1800s before it was chosen as the 'Capital City'!!

    BUT .... buddies  moving to Canberra have always loved it from the first day they've arrived!  Make of it what you will - there are so many things you can get wrapped in to .... be bold.

    There is a terrific uke group there too Ukulele Republic of Canberra (UROC)..... if you want to try something 'new' ..... (and I can thoroughly recommend it & provide you with whatever song you love to sing/play ....)  They will be at the Old Bus Dept Markets on May 4th from 11am-4pm ... go along & check them out!  It is the best fun you can have, sitting down!!  I PROMISE!!

    ukulele republic of Canberra

    Cheerio & all the best  xx
  • MjhekeMjheke ACTMember Posts: 78
    @arpie I definitely intend to ‘be bold’ I am keen to try anything! I have been looking at who is at the connect and participate next weekend at the old bus depot. Can’t wait as it is perfect timing for us and there are a few things I’d like to have a look at. 

    We love Canberra so far. So pretty with the Autumn leaves 🍁 I’m just going to make the most of it 😊

    M x

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