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Two months after finding the lump



  • EmimEmim CanberraMember Posts: 27
    Thinking of you @Sarnicad
  • Doin'itDoin'it Member Posts: 377
    @Emim I had mine cut shorter as soon as I found out I was going to lose & it definitely makes it easier. My boys really like it all clipped off ( or so they tell ). My scalp is very sensitive. Weird feeling xx
  • EastmumEastmum SydneyMember Posts: 495
    Hi @Sarnicad - losing hair IS a big deal - until you lose your hair, you can still look in the mirror and see 'you'. Once you lose your hair it's a 'new' you - and that can be really hard to get used to. I found it to be much more confronting than having a double mastectomy. I'm half-way through Taxol chemo and started losing my hair about a week after my 2nd AC infusion. I haven't actually shaved it at all. When it started falling out in clumps, I had my hairdresser cut it really short, then I let the rest fall out in the shower. I haven't lost it all - I sort of look a bit like Golem from Lord of The Rings - just a few long whispy bits all over my head. I haven't lost my eyebrows and still have most of my eyelashes.  

    I choose to wear a wig. Not because I want to hide that I've had breast cancer but because that's what makes me feel good about myself when I leave the house. Also because it gives me the opportunity to drive the conversation. I choose who I want to discuss my treatment with, rather than people asking me about it. There are some people who see me every day that have no idea that I'm having BC treatment :smile:

    @JenniA - I'm sure you look awesome :smile:

    @Emim I don't have anything to add to the outstanding advice that you've been given above, and I'm doing the same Chemo regime as Sister, which is different to the one you'll be doing. All I can tell you is that I've been working full time throughout, and it's been really cathartic for me. But I think in my case, I would be more stressed out thinking that someone else was doing my job but your situation sounds totally different. It could be quite amazing to take the time off, and if you feel well enough, then to use the time to enjoy some professional or personal development. Whatever you choose to do, I wish you all the very best. Let us know how you're doing! 


  • kmakmkmakm MelbourneMember Posts: 7,974
    @Emim My husband always said he preferred my hair long. But when I had none he called me his "sexy alien" (he's a Star Trek fan)! Partners just want you to be well, and hair grows back. My mother had a mastectomy and chemo when my parents had been married for twenty years. 33 years later they're still married. K xox
  • kmakmkmakm MelbourneMember Posts: 7,974
    Right back at ya @JenniA:*
  • Doin'itDoin'it Member Posts: 377
    Thanks @kmakm xx
  • SisterSister Adelaide Hills, SAMember Posts: 4,957
    I think it's hard for the partners, too.  My husband was very reluctant for me to deliberately shear my hair - he's one of those long hair fans, as well.  Me?  It's still the eyebrows that get me.
  • Doin'itDoin'it Member Posts: 377
    @Eastmum thanks for your kind words. I wish I did look awesome haha. Better than I was expecting though xx
  • Doin'itDoin'it Member Posts: 377
    @Sister I’m lucky, my husband is fine with anything as long as I get well. We have been married 40 years on 2/9 though xx
  • kezmusckezmusc Member Posts: 1,544
    @Sarnicad,  I know the feeling.  Xmas was exactly 14 days after my first treatment and I had myself convinced I was going to wake up Xmas morning with not hair....I didn't.
  • arpiearpie Mid North Coast, NSWMember Posts: 6,136
    my husband is fine with anything as long as I get well. We have been married 40 years on 2/9 though

    @JenniA  - What an AWESOME MILESTONE! (We hit 30 in Jan ... or was it 31?  LOL  Luckily we BOTH forget!  haha)    Shame they didn't start the chemo after the big celebration tho! :(  

    I was lucky with my radiation - I went to Port Macquarie Base Hospital & they have a dedicated Cancer Clinic - and the radiation was done 'Public'.  My husband's chemo was 'public' there as well (we just had to pay for the drugs, which luckily came onto PBS the week he started his regime.)   Your Onc's office should be able to tell you.

    Gosh, it takes a little while to 'recognise' yourself after you've had your hair cut back, eh?  LOL  

    No real need to worry about pics on here - as you aren't identified by your 'real name' (i.e. full first name & surname) ... if you want to 'test it' - just go to Google & put your 'real name' in & add 'breast cancer' after it .....mine came up with someone with my exact name (a murderer in the USA) who apparently has breast cancer .....  Having said THAT .... if you google your 'user name' with 'breast cancer' after it - some posts from here WILL appear!  ;) 

    All the best as you prepare for your treatment next week xxx
  • Doin'itDoin'it Member Posts: 377
    @arpie We nearly always forget our anniversaries too. One year flowers were delivered late in the arvo & I asked the florist what they were for. She said I think you’d best read the card. It was flowers from mother in law congratulating us on our 25th!! Haha!! Whoops. 
    Thanks for the info. I’ll start googling soon! 
    I’m actually sort of looking forward to next weeks chemo, cause then I’ll be half way through xxx Bring on the beast!!!! 
    I’ve named my iv stand Nasty Nancy lol....xxx
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