Mum always knows everything!



  • Ellamary98
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    @Karenhappyquilter. Yep, that filter gets broken pretty quickly, doesn't it?!
  • Sister
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    I was wondering how you'd gotten on.  Glad that it worked out although you may have to remind her occasionally!
  • Romla
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    Glad it worked out but agree with @Zoffiel and @Sister - leopards generally don’t change their spots so a gentle but firm reminder may be needed once the shock has worn off Mum.Still it behoves to remember it may be with the best of intentions however clumsy - hard to stop being protective whatever age your child is.
  • kmakm
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    So glad to hear that, slighty more happy Jan! K xox
  • iserbrown
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    so pleased to read that your Mum's reaction was better than you expected.  Mum's are so important in our lives and for those of us that have lost their Mum mine is still in my thoughts and I feel she is watching over me and every now and then I can hear her say c'mon buckle up, you'll be fine!
    Take care
  • Zoffiel
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    That's good news, I hope everything else works out for you too. Mxx