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hi everyone.. its been a lttle while since I have been on the forum, I hope you are all as good as you can be.... My surgery for early lobular cancer was the 31st of May. I know we have to wait for this and that, My Radiation for 6 weeks starts on the 14th of August.. The other night I had  a really strong pain like a bruise would feel.. tonight I see a reddish area, is this something to be worried about..
I am on Femara, my hot flushes have started again. 


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    Hey @Spirit-Harmony If you have redness, swelling, pain or any other thingies that are new/not normal you need to chase them up. Don't fiddle about with red swellings in particular. Hot foot it off to your GP, breast care nurse or whomever is your immediate go to person, they will help you. Mxx
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    I agree, I would get checked out sooner rather than later to put your mind at ease x
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    I went today to my oncologist about a rash, which had almost disappeared by the time I got there! It's nothing, but getting his opinion helps me to accept that some topical soothing cream is the answer! There is nothing wussy about asking for advice, you will save yourself a lot of worry and your medicos won't think you are being over sensitive, just sensible. Chances are it's not serious, but even if it is, soonest diagnosed, soonest mended. Best wishes.
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    All the best @Spirit-Harmony  .... I hope it is just something minor - but definitely worth getting it thoroughly checked out!  xxx

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    I did go through the red rash that got larger and angry looking. 
    Mine took intensive antibotics over a number of weeks.
    All good now however my GP and Surgeon always say remember any sign of redness let us know 

    Don't muck around get it checked 

    Take care 

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    Thanks Everyone much love