Do you have a work colleague that supported you after your breast cancer diagnosis?



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    Aha!! yes I have always lived by that!!! you never know!!! love it! x
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    Thank you everyone for sharing your experiences! The high level of engagement on this topic really highlights the importance of managing work after diagnosis, and all these stories helps us to strengthen our programs, so we can provide the best information and support across our network. 

    The work and breast cancer hub will include resources not only for employees and self-employed that have been diagnosed, but also for their employers and colleagues which will help them to provide support for the employee. 

    We have been gathering a few stories that we would like to include in the hub (and also other publications including the Beacon magazine), and we currently don't have stories that are from the perspective of the colleague. 

    @primek - I can definitely provide more clarity around the format of this. Here are some prompts to help your colleague write their story:

    How did you feel when your colleague was

    What challenges did you face, both personally
    and professionally?

    What did you do to support your colleague?

    What supports worked well within your workplace?

    What didn’t work so well?

    How did you look after yourself during this

    What advice would you give to other colleagues in
    a similar situation?

    Thanks again everyone for all your help on this program! 

    I'm here if you need anything, or have any more questions;)

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    I worked thru Chemo didn't go on leave. Had the most amazing support from my whole Project Group plus upper Management. .
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    @Cate64 I was like I - took probably 3 or 4 days off each cycle but had the most amazing support from my boss and colleagues- could not of gotten through it without them.  
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    I have the most amazing colleagues who supported me through breast cancer treatment. I’d  happy to contribute. My issue is with support in the workplace as a survivor. There are often medical appointments and other invisible health issues and my workplace is not at all supportive.

    There is also bullying going on. There was recently a meeting about me in another department with people I don’t work with. They went around in a circle and talked about my problems, including my health issues and then this was recorded formally and given to my boss. This kind of discrimination is routine in my workplace unfortunately. 
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    Hi all, I also work for Ed dept as an early childhood teacher. I used up most of my sick leave immediately following lumpectomy then worked as much as I could through radiation but took some extra sick days when I was really tired. My seniors have been super supportive,  especially in the early days, although I was expected to go straight back on class. They are still supportive,  but I find as time goes on (3 years on Tamoxifen)I sense frustration when I am really fatigued and battling with full time work. I really think that if I'd had the opportunity to return to work in an off class position,  then I would have been able to build my strength and stamina a bit. I also still have a mortgage, an the main income earner so need to work as many days as i can. Would love my pre cancer energy back!!