My brain finally gave me a break for Easter

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Hi all,

So I am 17 months on from Dday and 8 months on from chemo and rads.  Breast cancer thoughts swim around my head daily, sometimes constantly, sometimes only a few times a day.  But it's always there, lurking in the background, interrupting my life and disrupting my thoughts at the most inopportune moments. It gets worse the longer I take tamoxifen.  I am normally pretty good at packing shitty horrible things in a box in my head called "Keep the hell out of here".  This seems to be a little harder and taking a little longer than normal for me though.

However, I am very please to say I just had the most awesome Easter long weekend.  We had an extended family holiday planned, and with my new "Say yes to every invitation" motto off we went to Yamba.  I baled off the Tamoxifen in preparation two weeks ago. Naughty.

What a beautiful place.  We went out on the boat, fished, swam in the rock pools, drank (probably way too much). I have not laughed so much in so long. It wasn't until we were driving home that I realized the "B/C bitch had stayed out of the way for a while.. Woohoo.  Now, how to keep it gone???????  More holidays me thinks.


  • kmakm
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    SO happy for you!! More holidays for everyone!!!
  • Kiwi Angel
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    @kezmusc that’s fabulous  news - onward and upward xoxo
  • Sister
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    That's great @kezmusc
  • onemargie
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    Isn’t that the best! So happy you had such a lovely time Yamba is a beautiful place @kezmusc. We spent the weekend in our little shack in Agnes water.  It’s been heavenly despite the weather being a bit ordinary. I was triple negative so no tamoxifen or alike for me which I think I’m grateful for ??? From what I’ve read. A wonderful weekend is a great way to forget about the arsehole that is breast cancer hey. Here’s to many more for all of us. Margie xx.