Having a bit of a wobble!!!!!

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Hi All

I am having a bit of a wobble!! I know it sound silly but i feel guilty about the last few days.  I have relatives over from the UK and we had a few days away in the Clare Valley which was brilliant.  But i feel so guilty about drinking so much wine and cider!! I have cut down my alcohol consumption a lot since diagnosis ( still have a few at weekends) but last week every day had a drink or 3.  My wonderful husband says not to worry as i really enjoyed myself but i can't help thinking that alcohol may have caused this in the first place.  My husband is my rock and i think he is right but feel so guilty.  Then made the mistake of looking at a link i found on here about triple neg and chemo and scared my self! I know i am through all that part but now feel scared of a recurrence. 

Sorry to bore you all but needed to get it off my chest (no pun intended!!!) 

Thanks for listening
Julia <3 <3 :)  


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    we all wonder what if ..... for me it was my mobile phone in my bra right where my lumps where.... No doctor will say yes it was my phone but I will always wonder... 

    I think you need to think of this ...... You relaxed and had some fun that means your body heals and releases the good things in our bodies.... 

    maybe a raging alcoholic might be a different matter but having a few drinks with friends/family and relaxing is not going to spiral you into recurrence.... 
    Everything in moderation.... 

    Please breathe and realise we are human and having a few drinks is natural. 


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    Good on you Marg . I cant wait to take off on a weeks holiday in 
    Tassie from Sunday and will probably check out the winerys . Haven't had a glass of wine since Christmas and that was ages ago. My moto is enjoy life while you can. 
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    Thanks ladies  i read the article about asparagus as well  God soon all i will be able to eat n drink  is lettuce  n water   i think  I  will  stick to my usual diet  for now and take my chances   ;)
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    We will be living on oxygen, pure water and lettuce leaves... lol!
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    Nah, they'll find something in those that causes cancer, too, lol  :D :D
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    I reckon @afraserput up a pretty appropriate quote today that might help put things in context.

    Excess on occasion is exhilarating. It prevents moderation from acquiring the deadening effect of a habit.

    Somerset Maughan

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    The occasional indulgences are not the cause of cancer. Relax. Glad it was great.

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    @smokie08, maybe the relaxation and feel good you got going from the wine has done you more good than the damage you think may or may not have !  So there you go - it's balanced out!  Neutralised!! 
    I was a HUGE lover of wine... Then two half years ago after my melanoma diagnosis I cut right down - Id go months without then occasional glass or two. Then I get breast cancer.... Go figure!!!!
    so did my previous consumption cause it ?  Don't know. Did my phone in my bra when I used to run years ago cause it.  Don't know. Was it my diet. Don't know. 
    Bad luck I think. Don't beat yourself up Honey - you deserve to cut yourself some slack. Massive hugs. Xxxxx
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