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Fighting back with fitness



  • MollygirlMollygirl Brisbane Member Posts: 213
    Kath, you're amazing. I really admire how determined you are. X
  • melclaritymelclarity Member Posts: 3,422
    Good on you Kath! 

    I'm with Marg, I have a hard hitting 15 min window then boom...Im out for the count. No matter how hard I've worked with my exercise physiologist the past 13 months and smashed my final assessment. She also taught me it's not about going hard at it, its running at a lower pace and building...rebuilding from the ground up. She also doesnt work with anyone going through treatment, as she said its a time the body needing gentle stretching and a little walking but predominantly its time for healing. 

    It is a long hard road back, nobody tells you that, my extra 5kg is still there after 2.5 years no matter what exercise, diet anything it doesn't change. It's tough, but I put it down to chemo induced menopause is the absolute culprit.

    I agree with you, at 2.5yrs post now, I too feel like the old me...and I never thought I would even remotely. The other thing I think that you get really good at, is self awareness, knowing your limitations and so my expectations have changed dramatically, so I dont feel the pressure anymore to be anything but than who I am now..the new me. 

    Keep going, you will smash those kilos.

    Hugs Melinda xo

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