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adeanadean Member Posts: 1,019
I felt good today recently, one of my residents at my aged care facility where l work has been diagnosed with bc I went and spoke with her and we shared now a common bond.amazingly she had my surgeon as well.we spoke everyday and l visited her this week in hospital, she proudly showed me her mastectomy.we also laughed so much she had to say stop it you will bust my stitches. She hugged me and thanked me for my company and sharing that she was scared and was glad she woke up after surgery ,best of all she said can you tell any other visitors l want how nice to feel you made a difference.


  • primekprimek Broken HillMember Posts: 4,211
    It's lovely to think our contact can make a new bc sisters time just that bit less traumatic and not feeling so alone. 
  • Molly001Molly001 Member Posts: 416
    When I was in the throes of chemo a lovely checkout operator had been watching my bald self struggle with my two kids and weekly grocery shop for a few weeks. When I finally went through her checkout one week she came out from behind her checkout and hugged me, telling me she's a two-time survivor and to hang in there. I now seek her out and we chat all the time. I can't tell you how much easier it made that monumental task each week when I was at my worst. @adean your kindness has likely changed this lady's outlook entirely. Bless you xxxooo
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    When I was walking home from the number 3 clippers and wearing my wig for the first time, I ran into my next door neighbour who complemented me on my new hairstyle. So told her the reason. Turned out she had had breast cancer 10 years before. She was hugely supportive for the first few months of treatment, not least because she was a living, breathing proof that you could lick this. 
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    Just thought I would share a simple kindness shown to theatre awaiting my port...with my bald head and foobs under construction one of my nurses showed me her scar where her port was...patted my hand and said...I'm an 8 year survivor. I'd forgotten that kindness as so much has happened since, but it did truly make that day easier. Thankyou for reminding me. 
  • Summerhill38Summerhill38 VictoriaMember Posts: 731
    It is amazing the joy a smile, a quick hug or a kind word or action can really make one's time less stressful.  Just knowing someone cares.
    To meet others who have survived can boost one's confidence on those bad days.
    I hope your resident gets lots of chardonnay - what a trouper, @adean.
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