Paclitaxel & Herceptin

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Hello Ladies, I am 5 weeks out from having a unilateral DEIP and was originally diagnosed with high grade DCIS. After mascetomy path results came back triple negative with 0.5mm of IDC. but after seeing my oncologist last week she has informed me that I'm now HER2+1(low level amplified).

She said by having 3 weekly Herceptin for a year should reduce any reoccurrence from 25% to almost 0. But to get the Herceptin I need to have 12 weeks of Paclitaxel as required by the government ( as I think original trials was done with chemo) the oncologist appologised a couple of times saying I'm sorry you have to do she convey that Herceptin would be enough by itself for me.

So on the 17th October I start 12 week of Paclitaxel and 3 weekly Herceptin, then after the chemo I can then have injection for the remainder of the year.

im a bit confused how they can give a drug like chemo when there could not be much benefits for my circumstances, I'm a bit perplexed!

Has anybody experienced this? 


  • primekprimek Broken HillMember Posts: 4,425
    The trials worked best with taxol from my readings hence why approved like that. Hope all goes well for you. 
  • RubyRumbleRubyRumble Member Posts: 39
    @primek thanks, I was just concerned as she kept apologising.
  • primekprimek Broken HillMember Posts: 4,425
    Probably because they thought it was  dcis and wouldn't need additional  treatment. So good it's been found so early. 
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