Vaginal atrophy. Why didn't someone warn me?



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    Happy to chat anytime @Vallerina have you thought even of Dragon Boat racing. Encore did not run here in winter so maybe the case on Sunshine Coast worth a try. Some of the local ladies I've met have had it much tougher than me but they are not gloomy and getting on with their lives you may be surprised I was - some are older than me but a lot of get up and went.It is good to catch up with them every now and then for coffee but even better to see them at the shops buying spuds or going to the hairdresser or filling up with petrol it means I am not alone and I can get on with my life too.I think it's important to live life normally and not hide from bc - take risks that people will handle your situation and most do after getting over the initial shock although some may need a bit more time than others.BC is a great leveller and there is much to learn from within our community and also outside it . I wish you the  courage to look outside your situation - you might find there are a lot of really nice people about and more particularly that life is still good. xo
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    Interesting warnings about the xylocaine. Thanks for the info. This was prescribed to me by a gyno!!
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    Hi everyone. I had my first treatment today. It was mildly uncomfortable with a bit of stinging towards the end, but not as bad as waxing. smiley I've had no pain afterwards and I'm feeling optimistic. 
    You can read all about it here:
    (Don't want to put all the details because this site has rules about not promoting anything and I don't want to breach them).
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    @positive3negative, thank you so much for the information about the treatments, I didn't even know this existed! I've done a little research and one Dr I found here in Brisbane who has his fees on his website is charging $750/session or 3 for $2,000!  At that rate it would be cheaper for me to fly to Sydney & stay with my daughter's father in Canley Vale and see the specialist you saw!

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     there is a trial happening in Sydney.... I will find the post and Tag you in it .... 
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    @SoldierCrab yes please

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    MKitty58 its done ... its in group ... 
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    Hi everyone. Just an update. I'm cautious about not breaching this sites advertising rules. Suffice to say I am very happy with the treatment I received and it did make a big difference, even months later. The problem as I see it is that everyone needs regular follow-up treatments to keep things (ahem) moist. Notionally these are every six months to twelve months, depending upon your own observations of how things are travelling, but some women need them as frequently as monthly or bi monthly. That's expensive! While I can afford it, I'll keep having it. I would go without an annual holiday to afford it, quite frankly because it has made that much difference to me, but we are all different, and some women would rather have two weeks in Bali and put up with the dryness. 
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    That great news it's been so effective for you @positive3negative
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    Please remember that this post is not in the group therefore everyone can read it .... Just reminding you all  that it is a general discussion post. 
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    Yes. Thank you. I'm aware of that.

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    @positive3negative I think @SoldierCrab mentioned this in case other ladies weren't and wanted to shate more intimate information thinking they were in the private group. 
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    That is correct @primek
    we have quite a few new members who might not realise this is not a post in the private group. 
    If you are in sydney there is a trial happening for the Mona Lisa Touch..
    here is the link 
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    All good. Just wasn't sure if the message was directed to me or other ladies.
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    @positive3negative great read...can I post this to my Facebook business page please? Thank you Nellie xx
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