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  • LucyELucyE Member Posts: 295
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    I was thinking about this on the way to work this morning. When Connie died, some people put hearts on their FB walls. This tribute was a bit like placing a flower on a grave, but using technology. I personally don't like the practise of posting random hearts, but to some people it is meaningful. I don't think that these people wanted to post messages about checking your breasts, they were paying tribute to someone who had died. I just think there is a place for freedom of expression, whether the way it is done is my preference or not.  
  • lgray3911lgray3911 Member Posts: 184
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    I hate it too!! I had a picture up of me topless showing both my mastectomy scars and was just about to post it with a "this is what breast cancer really looks like not a stupid pretty little heart" kind of a comment but then chickened out!! 
  • HanksterHankster Member Posts: 42
    So glad I am not alone on this.  Well meaning friends don't get it.  So glad you all do.  I don't feel like such an ungrateful sod now
  • AfraserAfraser MelbourneMember Posts: 1,833
    Unfortunately Facebook is brilliantly engineered for trite and commodified "communication". It can be very useful for grabbing attention but only for five word headlines. It's a great soapbox but only for superficial comment. There's a long way to go before it is really an educative tool or a means for any in depth understanding of issues. Good for jokes though!
  • MKitty68MKitty68 Member Posts: 261
    Facebook for me is a means of communicating with family members interstate & overseas, as well as friends who are local, interstate & overseas. 
    I also met a lot of friends through it and share photo's with all of the above. Our kite club use Facebook to communicate with members and plan fly-days as well as our huge festival. I used to run a camping group for singles on there, until i became not single, though have retained several friends from the group - people i would otherwise have never met. 
    Friends organise social functions/parties using Facebook's 'events' function. 
    When my brother died and i needed to get lifts to & from the airport, i just put out a generic post that i needed help, and had several offers - that saved me from having to call people and ask, which could have taken a lot of time and would have been difficult for me in the circumstances - the same for advising of my brother's medical situation and death - an announcement post on Facebook meant neither my parents or i had to make those phone calls to the more distant relatives and friends. 
    Friends have done birth announcements using Facebook, we share adverts for jobs, etc and really good deals with our friends, I have found some amazing camping spots through Facebook groups that i'd otherwise never have heard about. 
    I met my partner through a Facebook group, i'd never have met him if it weren't for Facebook. 
    It's a handy tool when used correctly.
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    The messages come through on messenger...so a personal message....which I find annoying. I'm just ignoring them now. They really are just spam chainmails. I too use facebook to keep family spread across Australia updated on my health and I have a support weight loss group. All private and by invite only. We have much more family contact now because of it. We irganised a surprise birthday party 900km away using it.  So I guess we have to take the bad with the good. 
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