Sentinel node biopsy came back positive



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    Yep I copped the same little positive node and had to go back to surgery for more to be taken. Little technical hitch they hadn't told me about and I was sooooo p'eed off it wasn't funny. I went for a walk to cool off. It took 5kms before I had settled. Then of course I had to turn; around and try to make it home lol. Lucky my son came as search party. We had a really nice time chatting on the way home which brought us closer as a family. Every cloud has a silver lining, you just have to recognise it. ;) 
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    it is ok we dont know what you mean swear!!!!!  FUCK you cancer is not a swear word it is a venting word....  ;)
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    @lgray3911. Yes, I had a similar scenario.
    went in for a lumpectomy and bilateral reduction thinking I would then go on to radiation and possibly hormone therapy and everything would be straightforward.
    The surgeon appointment after surgery with the pathology results turned that on its head and gave us so many unanswered questions that our heads were in a spin.
    Instead of one small lump and a tiny questionable one I had two large lumps and cancer cells scattered all through my breast and one positive sentinel node. (Two showed blue with dye, the other was not affected)
    This completely changed my treatment plan and my cancer stage.
    Grade 2 ER+ Ve PR +Ve HER2 -Ve
    provisionally stage 11B
    I had to have Chemo because of the positive node. I have had one dose so far and another 5 to go.

    I do have to go back for a mastectomy and lymph node clearance to see if any other nodes are affected but my surgeon wanted me to have Chemo first. 

    I found researching everything really helped me. I have a need to know exactly why and how I am being treated, and I found that the knowledge made me feel more in control and a little less frightened.
    I have had to accept the incorrect mammogram and ultrasound and biopsy that preceded my lumpectomy, though I will still push for more information in the future when my treatment is done as I still have one good breast that I am thinking of keeping.

    it has been over 3 months since my diagnosis and I am still struggling with acceptance of what I am faced with, anger at a large part of it, fear and uncertainty about the next stages of treatment and what life holds when it has all finished.
    I think it is to be expected considering how much is at stake,
    With big hugs for you,
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    Thanks for sharing your story Jennie what a shocker! I can understand why you're angry. I am like you and am trying to educate myself as much as possible to ensure I am making informed decisions. I am a teacher so knowledge is power in my eyes. I think we are all in the same boat when it comes to what the future holds but you just need to focus on the now and get through each day with the eye on the prize which is being cancer free. One day at a time! Sending big love to you too xxx
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    Jennie you are so right  after having been through a recurrence amd 6yrs of this. Lumpectomy is the only way of knowing correct pathology ive neen through it all, needle biopsies, core biopsies all useless. Never again. Generally if its a large tumor or more than one,  chemo would be first there's so many variables of treatment. Its a heartwrenching journey and not easy. As i recover from a mastectomy diep flap recon i can say if ever faced again somethings id do different. Glad i have my right breast and am moving forward now. Every emotion possible is so normal as you learm to navigate your path. Day at a time ladies. X Melinda