Friday Update!

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A big hello to everyone. Welcome to the Friday Update on Thursday :) 
This week we have 17 new members. Please welcome @dondon73@Ro10, @kajja and all our other new members.

Community highlights
Every week we have so much variety in the posts being shared on the online network. These can include questions about treatments, updates on how things are going, and celebrating milestones. Here are some good conversations you might have missed: News & events
There's always something exciting happening at BCNA.

The latest issue of the Beacon is out now. The theme for this issue is community. If you haven't already, subscribe today to The Beacon
online using our subscription form so you can read it from your favourite device
wherever you are.

Did you know we have an information forum coming up? It's in Newcastle and it's free to attend. Find out more about the Newcastle Information Forum.

Join Cancer Council Victoria’s free webinar to hear ways you can manage
your own wellbeing, while providing the best support to the person you are
caring for.

Smiling Mind are all about promoting positive mental
wellbeing. Start your mornings feeling mindful and ready to take on your day.
Come along to their free outdoor early morning mass meditation session and help
create a mindful movement, bringing people together. You may also like to check out their free app.

Active and wellness tip

Let’s turn up the beet!

Beetroots are an excellent source of folic acid and a
very good source of fibre, manganese and potassium.
Beetroot is low in fat, and packed with powerful antioxidants. So why not
include beetroot as one of your five serves of vegetables today.


If you follow the AFL or the Rugby League, may the best team win!

Have a lovely (long) weekend,