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Just to let you all know that I have posted a few more chapters for you all to read.


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    Hi Lou,  I hope you are now on the mend.  It has been such a long journey for you.  You must live close to my daughter who lives in Mansfield.  ie  Carindale shopping centre.  I got one of my wigs from Starkles at Carindale.  I understand what you said about choice (others).  Anyway I ended up okay as I had my daughter with me and she has excellent taste.   I have just finished my last chemo (day 16 today) and I am off to see both my daughters in Brisbane and of course my two little grandchildren.  It will be interesting to show them my bald head.  My little 3year old granddaughter will be interested but I don't suppose my 1year old grandson will care.  I am taking a fun pink wig for my granddaughter so that we can have fun together with our wigs. Keep on enjoying your life. XLeonie