Do you have any old Prostheses or mastectomy bras that you would like to donate.

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Do you have an old prosthesis or mastectomy bra lying around? I have been in touch with Lily DeSantis again and she is still very involved in a program to donate old prostheses and mastectomy bras to ladies in Fiji who can't afford them. She is going to Fiji again on May 22nd, and then again in January 2017. Lily and Heather Tait who she works with are amazing ladies who are completely self funded and do an amazing job. Other items they are in need of are bra extenders, either 2, 3, or 4 hook.  These apparently help make a bra that almost fits, fit perfectly.  Larger size prostheses and bras with pockets are in particular demand. Soft forms are also needed.  So if you have had a reconstruction or have maybe ordered a new prosthesis (Medicare covers you for a new one every two years), and your old one is lying around please consider donating to this amazing project. I will post a link below.


Paula :)



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    Great cause...

    They also need ordinary bras so if anyone has ordinary old bras they no longer use I know these ladies will appreciate them.

    I have donated bras to them in the last and remember then saying that just because the straps have worn out is no reason to not donate them as straps can be replaced... it is cups that still function that are important to them as that is what they cannot home make so any bra is off value...

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    Thanks so much.  Yes they have volunteers who sew pockets into ordinary bras so yep they are great also.

    Paula xxx

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