Is this really happening? When do I wake up?



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    I'm plodding along ?? still taking one step at a time, I will get thru this!

    your doing great! Xx

  • Kazzi
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    Hi Nadia,

    Welcome to the network.  Just wanted to say hi and send a hug. All the other women have covered everything I wanted to say in their previous comments.  The early days are a blur.  I hope you've ordered the my journey kit from Bcna. It has a lot of info about questions to ask specialists and workplace info. Glad to hear you have a support person in your workplace. Time off work, exercise and yoga has been the key to my recovery. (I'm finishing radiotherapy next week after mastectomy and chemo) Expect many up and down days, but you can do this. One day at a time.

    Karen xx

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    Hi Nadine

    Just wanted to welcome you to the site,  very supportive and helpful.  The ladies have pretty much covered everything.  Stay strong,  lean on your support people.  All the best Sonya xx