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advanced breast cancer - could have been caught early

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I was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer to the liver and hip (non weight baring on right leg) in April. I am ER/PR+ HER2 + and was given a prognosis of 2 years to live.  I have two kids aged 11 and 13.

Three years ago I had a mamogram and ultrasound which shows that there was a tumour in the same location as the tumour today (much bigger today).  My specialist at the time told me that I had cysts in the breast and nothing to worry about. She told me that I did not need to do a mamogram every 2 years because of my age and that i could leave it till I was much older (37 at the time) I left her office feeling confident and relieved.

Now I am crushed and terrified of the prognosis which has been given as I need to see my kids grow up into adults.

I have had 2 sessions of cemo (4 to go) and then scheduled to be on herceptin and perjera indefinitely.  I have a CT scan scheduled for next week to see if there is any improvement.  I am terrified and can only hope that the treatment works.

I was wondering if there are other women who have survived this beyond 2,5,10 years and how they are able to stay positive and not let anxiety, depression anger bring them down.


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    Despina, do sorry to hear that you have "joined the club".  I am very surprised your onco gave your these stats.  I am er+ pr- Her2- .  My oncologist gave me 2-5 years.  I sought a second opinion from a highly respected onc who is head of a major cancer hospital her in Victoria and she laughed at that.  She has several patients on her list who have lived to at least 9 years with the same disease.  I would be seeking a second opinion too.

    If you are in Melbourne I can recommend her.  Can supply you with the details if you message me privately




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    hi Despina, it can really be hard to not get down and let the anxiety and fear take over your feelings. Just wanted to let you know that BCNA is going to start a pilot project soon where we can connect you with a very experienced counselor by phone to help you deal with some of those emotions. I am hoping that this is something that may be helpful to members of the online group, so ladies if you have any feedback before we start please get in touch with me. I would really value your thoughts. Best wishes, Danielle.

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    Hello Danielle, 

    I would really appreciate any support that i could get through councillors at BCNA as I have not been able to pick myself up and am finding it a struggle to get through each day without breaking down - i dont know how to be positive and happy anymore

    Please let me know if there is any help that i can use to strengthen my mind for this fight

    Despina x

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