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Long Term side effects of Xeloda

SajaniSajani Member Posts: 2 New Member
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I have been on Xeloda since November 2014.  My oncologist wants me to consider stopping it as they don't know the long term effects of this drug and to start taking taking hormone tablets.  I was first diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer in April 2011 and then stage 4 in July 2013.  I have very few side effects and feel so well.  I'm not sure where to turn for advice/facts.  


  • SouthgirlSouthgirl Member Posts: 80
    You have certainly done well on Xeloda @Sajani - I didn't realise there could be long-term problems.  I have been on Xeloda for one year, it is keeping things stable - and, like you, I have been fortunate to not have too many side effects.  So I'm hoping to stay on Xeloda as long as possible.  My Stage 4 diagnosis was 2016, and prior to Xeloda I was on hormone therapy (Femara, then Aromasin, then Aromasin/Afinitor), which stopped working after a couple of years.  But my oncologist has suggested that we will probably try hormone treatment again (probably with a CDK inhibitor) if the Xeloda becomes ineffective.  I guess you have to be guided by your oncologist's advice - please keep us posted.  Sorry I can't be more helpful, hopefully there may be someone on this forum who has faced the same problem with long-term Xeloda.
  • SajaniSajani Member Posts: 2 New Member
    Thanks for your reply Southgirl. There’s apparently no data on long term side effects of Xeloda and she’s worried for future adverse effects it may have if I continue taking it. It’s a difficult decision to make when it seems to be keeping my cancer stable. 
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