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Just wanted to say "hello" and take this opportunity to review how the group is going, and if anyone has any comments, suggestions for improvement, compliments etc.

We have been up and running for a little while now, and thought as numbers can be low at times for lunch and coffee, whether any one has any comments or suggestions to increase attendance?

I know some of you have said timing is a problem due to work and family commitments, treatment times and appointments, and location can be a hassle too due to distance and parking issues. Karen (Karen10) and Jenny (JENNIFERJ) have suggested rotating meeting locations, where we could possibly meet monthly at City, Munno Para, Tea Tree Plaza, West Lakes, Marion etc. Obviously not everyone would be able to attend, but what are your thoughts about this? Other options could include holding meetings at members homes, or booking a regular time in a Community House or Centre...what do you think?

I have also had a suggestion about meeting on a weekend to accomodate those working mums, or possibly an evening...any thoughts on this?

I'd like to also take this opportunity to say how happy I am that I've met some lovely ladies through this group! It's great to be able to meet up with ladies who share the same thoughts and feelings as me, and who have been or are going through the same journey!

Looking forward to sharing some ideas with you! Take care, Celeste?


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    Hi Kathy, thanks for your comments. I think you are correct in saying that location is important, as the costs of travelling and car parking can add up, particularly if you are on a low income or pension. At the same time, it is important that you choose a meeting location that is accessible to everyone, most of the time. We meet in Adelaide CBD, so that people can travel from all suburbs and meet in one central location. It would be nice to have meetings in the northern suburbs, as that is where I live, but we have to cater for all ladies, many of which do not live in the north. Likewise I'm sure those living in the west of Adelaide, or southern suburbs would like to meet close to home too. Some weeks we have only a few ladies meet (3 or 4), then other weeks we have slightly more than that. Some weeks we have the 'regulars' attend, with new ladies joining every so often.

    It sounds like you have a good informal network emerging in Tassie which is great, and I imagine you are helping lots of people by sharing your experience and wisdom re BC. Our meetings are very informal...really just for friendship and to make a connection with others in the same boat.

    Anyway, thanks for your comments. Hope this message finds you well Kathy.

    Take care, Celeste?

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    Firstly, congratulations for the group in Adelaide. There is one in Launceston, an hour away from me, and they meet monthly.. alternate morning and evening meetings to include those working.

    I did attend for a few months, but found on a pension..funds low for travelling etc. and there are  people here already in my area.. the north east tasmania..  I am NOT a local but have been here 26 years .. LOL.

     I am originally from the Launceston and Tamar River area, just north of the city. I have got to know some people here in scottsdale region, over the years. Who knows we may start our own group..to meet for coffee.. or phone contact.. locally.  There is a small network already starting to emerge I feel, but not formally. It is a personal journey for each of us, but also a comfort to know there is " help " out there if / when we need it.

     We may go through the local Community House perhaps..for first contact. I do not like things too " formal ". I am a " free " spirit, but I still remember the " shock, horror and fear " of diagnosis, initially.  If I can help allay someone's anxiety, I am happy to do so etc. I guess.. you have to experience it.. yourself..alone.. then maybe let it.. pass over you.. or reach out to someone if / when needed. I still get times of distress even today..if I do too much and get discomfort etc.. or feel exhaustion after seemingly doing a minor thing. Having yearly tests can cause some stress too. BC will always be a part of me, but not the ONLY part.  Having someone " listen " is a good help at times, and those who have been through BC can understand.

     I am still working out how is best way to " help " others.  Any offers of advice? One strength perhaps.. is I have been through some things. We can only really take life day by day..step by step..so at times of anxiety.. I try and live in the moment more. Going for a walk, etc helps also.. or listening to some nice music.. or phoning a friend.

    It is true to say there are many options available to people to reach out for support, to get information and networking, etc.

     I think for me.. locally is what I want to do, but also some contact with the Launceston Group sometimes. I do know a couple of ladies there.

    Anyway.. I am still thinking of all you lovely people in SA and wishing you all the best.


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    Hi Celeste,

     Thank you for the reply. I am pretty good, plodding along. Meeting with others can be a great help I found. I have a list of people I can ring, which I had more so early on than now. It goes both ways etc.

    I have made a small life for myself since BC, divorce, kids leaving home etc.

    Cheers, Kathy. ooxx