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Hi everyone. Im new to all this Breast Cancer Thing! I have just in the last week been diagnosed with Early Breast Cancer! -Thru having a "routine mammogram"..Was a shock! And am still "Trying to get my head around it all" and am trying to get a full-grasp on : Early Breast Cancer! & *what that exactly means* -as what to expect and so on ... May i ask, have any of yu dear people started on the journey being already diagnosed with, Early Breast Cancer?? 


  • SoldierCrabSoldierCrab Bathurst NSW Member Posts: 3,288
    Hi @Victoria1 sorry you have need to be  here but know that we are a very supportive bunch of women and men who understand the early confusion around diagnosis. 
    I was diagnosed 5 years ago I had mastectomy and chemo and radiation and I am now cancer free. 
  • Victoria1Victoria1 Member Posts: 5
    Thank-yu SoldierCrab.. Yes im not sure of the 'exact meaning' of the termonology of the diagnosis being : Invasive Carcinoma Grade 1 -Early Breast Cancer! (??) -like, any diagnosis of cancer is NOT Good! But i doNt like the 'Invasive!' Carcinoma whether that is (eventually) a Terminal Diagnosis (??).. However it is Found EARLY! (Is in my favor!)..
  • RomlaRomla AdelaideMember Posts: 2,044
    Hi @Victoria1 I was diagnosed with early bc in February- lobular bc. I had a lumpectomy with a sentinel biopsy followed by a widening of the surgical margin then radiotherapy 16 rounds. My first suggestion is to get theBcna My Journey kit - it will be invaluable both as source of information , suggestions of questions to ask the medicos -invaluable when your head is spinning -plus journal to record things along the way which I wished I had done.Secondly it's a good idea to have another pair of ears to accompany you to appointments as it can be hard to take it all in.Things usually move pretty swiftly and the medical people you meet will be very supportive so that should allay your fears a little - in fact the hard bit for me is when all that stuff ended and that's when this site was invaluable . Remember one thing many have gone before us , gotten through this and are  living their lives happily as will you - it does change your life but most say for the better. Ask as many questions as you want to and we will answer as best we can - there are wise wonderful women on this site to guide and support you.
  • SoldierCrabSoldierCrab Bathurst NSW Member Posts: 3,288
    @Victoria1 I was grade 3 .... And I am now cancer free. 
  • steplightlysteplightly Gold CoastMember Posts: 185
    Hi Victoria1.  Sorry to hear of your recent diagnosis. I was diagnosed in May with Early Breast Cancer - IDC and had a lumpectomy in mid June and then started Radiation in Mid August.  I was Stage 1A, ER+, idc 11mm, 0 nodes involved and clear margins to within 2mm.  The waiting between diagnosis and surgery, then surgery to Pathology results can be very challenging.  The radiation treatment was called hypo fractionated and was 3 weeks. Chemo was not recommended for me.  I see my surgeon, radiation onc an physio next week all on the same day for follow up.  It has been quite a ride facing each stage and certainly the support on this site is helpful and you realise you are not alone in the process. Take care of yourself as much as possible as you wade in to the depths, sometimes up to your neck, sometimes in over your head.  Have a pen and paper to write things down and a support person if possible.  As you think of things, questions, fears, issues whatever just jot them down and take them with you when you see specialist.  The words and language around this diagnosis can also be a challenge.  Most importantly one step, with one steadying breath at a time.  Take Care and big hugs.
  • melclaritymelclarity Member Posts: 3,421
    @Victoria1 Hello! and Welcome to you, it is incredibly daunting, frightening and plain confronting. The emotional roller coaster is absolutely normal whether you are emotional normally or not. Your world as you knew it has been turned upside down, so many 'what ifs' and uncertainties...it's only natural.

    First thing to do is take a deep breath...it's just too overwhelming otherwise, once you have definitive pathology and diagnosis you won't know exactly what it is and treatment. Early can mean alot of things. My first diagnosis was DCIS, that's the earliest you can get. My 2nd diagnosis 4yrs later was IDC Stage 2, Grade 3 ER+. Being Grade 3 was chemo, no rads as I did that for DCIS and you cannot do it twice. I am now 2yrs clear :) No, IDC just means it's made it out of the duct and into tissue,it doesn't mean a terminal diagnosis. It's so hard to not get panicked, but ask away honestly, and we can help settle you. You're going to be ok...that's the first thing to know.. Hugs Melinda xo
  • socodasocoda LeumeahMember Posts: 1,773
    Hey @Victoria1, Welcome. Here's a link that explains grades and stages of breast cancer https://canceraustralia.gov.au/affected-cancer/cancer-types/breast-cancer/diagnosis/stages-breast-cancer. I was diagnosed last may with early BC in tumor form. The lump was too big to be removed and to have my breast look normal under clothing and they also thought I had a satellite cancer as well. So a skin and nipple sparing  mastectomy with immediate reconstruction using implant later I'm a new me!! Didn't have to have chemo or radiotherapy and I'm 15 months post surgery and going great guns!!! You will get through this, there will be fear and tears but you are diagnosed and that is the best thing cause now you can be treated!!! Ask all the questions you can or need to cause apart from anything else knowledge of what your facing can help reduce the fear levels. Big hug to you. Keep us informed of how your doing. Xx Cath
  • TmTm Member Posts: 10
    Hi Victoria 
    yes I have also been diagnosed with Early Breast Cancer from
    a mammogram. I have had surgery and have just started radiotherapy last week. 
    The specialists all are positive and finding it early is a good thing. 
    The first month was so scary but it does get easier. 
    Im in Melbourne, happy to chat if you wish - I'm just a bit further along from you, 
    diagnosed late June 
    take care 
  • Victoria1Victoria1 Member Posts: 5
    Hi Thank-yu so much TM. Yes im awaiting to see the Surgeon (for my first appointment..& i think having a lil-time to wait is good, bcoz im still trying to wrap my head around it all and also during this time, is probably a 
  • Victoria1Victoria1 Member Posts: 5
    Hi ladies .. sorry, my phone has been playing-up! & especially trying to post here.. will hopefully be okay SOON! ..It is getting really late now, i will try again (probably) tmrw evening (when im home).. thank-yu for all your comments/all your support! -much appreciate it!.
    Take good care!. Will talk soon. Good night!. {{Gentle hugs}}
  • KombigirlKombigirl Manly Brisbane QLDMember Posts: 45
    Hi Victoria, I'm new here too. I've had a lot of scans and tests and see the surgeon Monday 9th Ocober. Two weeks from diagnosis to surgeon appt. Wishing you all the best.  
  • steplightlysteplightly Gold CoastMember Posts: 185
    Hi Victoria. I was diagnosed in May with Early Breast Cancer. Invasive Ductal Carcinoma not through mammogram but ultrasound. I had surgery in Mid June (lumpectomy and sentinel node biopsy).  I am Stage1A, Grade 2, ER positive, no node involvement. 2 weeks ago I completed radiation therapy. (3 week hyper fractionated variety) with no side effects. Chemo was not recommended for me.  Its tough to get your head around and I would encourage you to write things down, anything at all and also take some one with you to appointments if possible.  You will begin to learn a new language with foreign and often scary concepts discussed.  I wish you all the best with the surgeons visit and you will find enormous practical and emotional support here.  Take Care.
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