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New comers profiles and blogs

moira1moira1 Member Posts: 476
edited October 2010 in General discussion

i have noticed a few new people joining us, and on looking at their blog, to say hello, i have noticed, that the information is hidden.  Although this is your right, Can i point out that, when you join, the system automatically hides everything, you have to go into your profile and edit the sections you want people to see and the ones you want to hide... this is a good security  point, but it is something you have to change IF YOU want people to read your blog, and get you messages. Happy typing, please feel free to contact myself or Di at bcna for any other info on how to get around here. Happy typing!!


  • muzzmuzz Member Posts: 1
    edited March 2015

    Thanx for your help....hopefully I will be in full swing soon


  • ShazboShazbo Member Posts: 11
    edited March 2015

    Thanks for your input think i have it right now Shazbo

  • Christine DennissChristine Denniss Member Posts: 216
    edited March 2015

    Thanks Moira, I just reset my security for my blog. Hope everyone can see me now.

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