The generosity of people

Kirsten_BCNA Staff Posts: 57
edited September 2016 in Community news and events

I am constantly amazed about how many people are willing to put their hand up and help BCNA out.

Whether it be Anthony Briggs, who raised over $8,000 and run in the Sydney Moring Herald Half Marathon last weekend, in honour of his Aunt, our volunteers who join us in the office every week to help out where ever they can, the Bakers Delight staff who threw so much behind the Pink Bun campaign or Betty who wrote us a beautiful note to say thanks and slipped in a $5 donation.


These are all acts of kindness, support, generosity, spirit.

And today I was touched again by the incredible passion and generosity of Jim who has shared his story on our new network.  

Lyn has always said they is such power in one persons story - well Jim your story was powerful and generous - thank you for being so brave to share it with us all.