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Erica Shadiac
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I have told family and friends and am finding I have so much support. I already knew of 4 very close friends who have had breast cancer and beaten it and one who lost the battle.

I have started chatting with the experienced campaigners to hear more details of their different journeys. Skyped one in England who is moving back to Adelaide shortly and discovered her doctor in England recommended my surgeon here for her to see for followups. Pretty good recommendation when it is international!

I found this website in the book my surgeon gave me and hope to use this site for support and sharing.

One of my daughters just happens to be here for 10 days but actually lives in Africa at the moment. So this will be one way we can keep in touch and she can follow my journey.

Tonight one of her girlfriends came to visit and shared some of the story of her own mother who is going through chemo for BC now. I hope we can meet for a coffee at some stage....



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    yeah it is great to have support of those around you. I read on one of your other posts you have Jim kollias as your surgeon. Same here except I see him at the royal adelaide. Hes awesome isnt he so kind and caring. I cant say enough good things about him and others i know have said the same. are you on facebook? there is a support group that you can join just by searching adelaide breast cancer friendship group on facebook and find their page. Celeste is the lady who runs it just put a message on the page and she should see it.