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I was dx with stage 3 breast cancer at 28yrs of age (july 2002)

Underwent lumpectomy, mastectomy and lymph nodes removed. Cancer spread to lymph nodes.

AC chemo x 4 cycles, Taxotere& x 4 cycles, 6 weeks rads, 5 yrs Tamoxifen, Zoladex, Oorphorectomy, Arimidex, now on Femara

Celebrate 8 yrs NED on the 10th July 2010!!!

Fast forward as I haven't updated in a while 14th October 2011 I underwent reconstruction of my right breast using the lat Dorsi muscle from my back with an expander underneath, I also decided to have a prophylactic mastectomy on my re mainly L healthy breast with expander. Slowly had them inflated and am booked for an exchange to implant for 8th June 2012.

Mid June I became unwell felt a bit flu like thought it would pass, then a few days later I developed a uti so immediately got that checked given antibiotics and told to come back on Mon in case the antibiotics were not the right stain for my infection (least I was taking something while we waited for blood spec to return from path). Sat night I was vomiting, slight fever so called a locum dr out who gave me a shot anfpd I went back to sleep. Sunday I woke still vomiting and nauseous now hallucinating putting puzzle pieces together in my head so it would enable my body to get sleep scared me. Off to Hosp.

In Hosp they performed so many test I had a spinal tap to rule our meningitis, the though I could have a brain tumor, I was poked prodded and scanned over the course of 3 days. Finally we had answers, first was I had septicemia caused by my uti infection so antibiotics started for that. The next thing blew me away completely with all the scans they found that there looked like what were numerous widespread tumours through out the liver, so off for liver biopsy.
Results back positive for metastatic breast cancer in the liver.

The doctore that gave me the results said, your cancer has returned it's not curable, it's not treatable but it can be managed - WTF I was due to celebrate 10yrs Ned in 6wks. And my exchange surgery was booked for the 8th June.

It's now 8th June and today I am starting chemotherapy and Herceptin and all I can think about is how I am stuck with these horrid expander in my chest knowing. Can't get then removed whilst pin chemo, will I ever have them removed for implants? One day.

Fast forward to today 3rd Aug 2013. I have completed just over 12mths of Abraxane 3wks on 1wk off and weekly herceptin. My ct scan has shown a 30% reduction in tumor size but it has now stopped and remaining stable so no more growth or shrinkage but stable is a good word.

My treatment now is Abraxane every fortnight and herceptin once every 3wks this has given me a bit more qol though I still have bad days where I cry over how unfair this all is.

Today I had Abraxane and Herceptin, fell asleep in the car and have slept since I got home, it's 2am in the morning and I woke to get my pain meds and a drink, so have to sign off and try to get some shut eye before morning, want to do something with my daughter - not sure what but I will think up something.


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    Well better late than never to start one i suppose. Happily married and we have a beautiful little 3yr old girl Chloe who was born after all my treatment so we are extremely fortunate and very lucky.

    I have travelled the emotional rollercoster that a breast cancer dx brings since 2002 when i was just 28yrs of age. So much has happened in the last 8yrs, actually on the 10th july 2010 i will celebrate my 8yr milestone NED wow!!!

    I have struggled with menopause ever since my oorphorectomy back in Nov 2008, but i desperately wanted to get off that horrid little white pill Taxmoxifen that didnt agree with me, turned me into another person someone that i didnt like or know. Plus i no longer need to have mthly zoladex injections bonus, and the pros outweighed the cons.

    Emotions are mixed approaching my 8yr mark, mum was dx with bc at 37 secondaries at 45 and passed away age 47 so for me, it is of no relief, i am holding out and longing to reach the magical 10yrs then i may feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

    I have met some truely inspirational and beautiful friends.

    till next time ....
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    Wow you're so lucky to have been able to conceive after BC & all that. Hang in there.
  • CarolCarol Member Posts: 150
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    Wow you're so lucky to have been able to conceive after BC & all that. Hang in there.
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    Thank you for your comment. I am doing my level best hanging in there, we all have our moments at times. I am very lucky to have my little girl, and i swear she has been here before, such a caring and sweet child, when i have a bad day she just looks at me and says ohh i love you mummy, makes your heart melt.

    still working out how to use this site

    all the best
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    Last posted on here July 2010...

    Well I have celebrated my 8yr milestone.. this year come July I will celebrate my 9yr milestone.  9YEARS wow, still seems like yesterday.

    I am still waiting patiently for my reconstructive surgery, better late than never!

    The public waiting system sure does have its setbacks, but I cannot justify spending $13,000 ++ on reconstructive surgery.  I was told that it would definately happen last year, well that wasnt the case.  So where I am at is, looking at getting confirmation on a date next week, surgery should go ahead early march. :)

    This cannot happen soon enough I am definately ready for the next chapter of my journey. I had a mishap last week and accidently put my prosethis through the wash in my bathers, and needless to say it exploded in the wash, so i had goo oozing out everywhere lol.  Luckily for me this was my origninal prosethis of 8plus years, so it has definately served its purpose.

    My daughter Chloe will turn 4this year and is already asking about boobies, "mummy i got boobies you have boobies to"  I dont quite think she has worked out mum has one boob, though she knows that one of mummies boobies is in her bra lol, such innocence.

    The past few months have been rather weird, I can honestly say i am begining to get some normality in my life, i dont think about breast cancer as much these days.  Most likely due to the fact I have made friends with the most amazing inspirational woman that you could ever meet,  all the Pink Hope girls are amazing.

    I am still looking forward to hearing "congradulations you have made your 10yr milestone" one that sadly my mother never got to hear. 

    And the countdown continues to my surgery date...


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