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Hi everyone, I’m new here.
im started letrozole 1 month ago and I have middle joint pain specially in the mornings. I found that exercises help me a lot and I hope long term does not affects my bones. I hope will improve with the days until my body accept this medicine. Blessings for every one. 


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    Welcome to the blog, @krisol - sorry to see you join our exclusive little group - I hope we can help you out with any queries you may have.

    Feel free to update us on your story so far .... what your diagnosis was, your surgery & treatments so far .... Are you in a city in NSW, or are you rural or regional?   We have private groups for some types of BC, Rural & Regional, Going Flat or choosing reconstruction & others.  There can be specific information that may relate to what you've already had done - or you may be able to contribute to help others still facing it ...  You can check them out here:

    Definitely keep moving/exercising to reduce the side effects of Letrozole - let's hope that it improves xx

    take care