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Inavolisib vs Alpelisib

Hello Thrivers
I was diagnosed last September stage 4 de-nova. The cancer had spread from my breast to lymph nodes, to spine and right hip. Pr,er positive her2 negative. I started on Tamoxifin, then Lextrozle with Riboclicib, progression more in my spine, rib and liver. I was tested for the pik3ca mutation. I then went on a clinical trial and was put on xeolda. Only got through two cycles as my cancer had spread more again. In the meantime I have had 5 days of intense radiotherapy on my breast tumour as it had grown and split my skin, the pain was awful and still I was told I couldn't have surgery. I had an oophorectomy in July so I no longer need zoledex implant monthly, only my bone injection. So I then have been off treatment for 36 days. I was referred to another oncologist a 2 hour drive away to go on another clinical trial with the drugs inavolisib and Alpelisib with fulvestrant injections. Hopefully this will start next week, but unfortunately yet again from my CT scan in August till last week my cancer has grown more in my liver and now in my left lung. To be honest I am so upset and angry. Alpelisib is available but still not on PBS if this was offered before the standard treatment xeolda then I might of been in a better position. Has anyone been on a clinical trial and has got on Alpelisib. The other one is not well known, but both work on the pik3ca mutation. Has anyone been left long in-between treatments for cancer growth. I was told by my nurse let the professionals do there Job and you do what you can control. I am very disheartened as I feel MBC for me has been here take another pill. Thank you 🩷


  • arpie
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    I am SO sorry to hear of your diagnosis & disease progression @Cheryln38 .... you've been dealt a nasty set of cards.  Wishing you all the best. xx

    Please consider joining the private group called Living with Metastatic BC ... the link is at the top of the page, where I am sure you'll find more targeted information.   Also, ring our help line on Monday 1800 500 258 as they often have info on clinical trials etc ... 

    Has Keytruda been mentioned at all?  An immunotherapy drug that I believe has been approved for BC Mets .... 
    KEYTRUDA pembrolizumab Homepage for Patient Site

    take care, xx