DCIS and mastectomy

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Grateful for the site but wish it didn’t have a need to exist❤️
As I sat in my nicely warmed bath robe waiting for my second round of tests at Breastscreen, I was completely unprepared for an actual positive result the following week, and even less prepared for the treatment recommendation. 
I don’t know what I thought treatment would look like but I certainly was not prepared for such an aggressive option. I am incredibly grateful that it has been found early and there are a lot of people having a much worse experience - I know this - but honestly the shock of being faced with losing my breast is overwhelming at times. 


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    Commiserations, it’s a shock for many. Often with no family history of cancer and rude good health normally. But ten years after diagnosis, I have no question that the trade - breast, and treatment,  for a decade of normal life - was worth it. And I’m hopeful of more than a decade! Take things one step at a time and remember that some professional help for your emotional state along the way is every bit as sensible, and often necessary, as getting rid of the cancer. Best wishes. 
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    Thanks Afraser your comment is helpful❤️
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    Hello @Olivegreen.  I certainly do understand your feelings.  Sitting at yet another BreastScreen appointment and seeing all the other ladies being sent off to the right and then I was sent off to an office on the left .... WTF (sorry) ?  Yep, I was the unlucky one.
    I too had DCIS, high grade and extensive, and mastectomy was the only option given to me.  I did not know at the time that DIEP existed and I did not know that my surgeon did not do any reconstructions.  Mind you, as it is now almost nine years later he must have managed to get the beast out.
    Go with the flow of emotions, let the tears or anger out, no use holding it in.  Take things one day at a time, don't get ahead of yourself.
    Have you been offered reconstruction ?
    Thinking of you.  💖💖
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    It's a world that none of us expect to be part of!  No question is silly so ask away!

    Here's a link with a wealth of information if you decide on reconstruction 


    And a link to the BCNA website 


    Best wishes
    Take care
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    Hi @Olivegreen, I can understand where you are at. I too was told I needed to have a mastectomy which then became a bilateral mastectomy due to high risk and that my cancer wasn't picked up on standard imaging. It was also a shock. I had a DIEP flap reconstruction. I am now 7 weeks post op and in the last couple of weeks have started to feel a little more myself. I am happy with the reconstruction, I have another minor surgery in 7 weeks to finish things off. I'm pleased you have found this site early, I wish I had known of it before my surgery. Talk as much as you need to and ask lots of questions until you are satisfied. Wishing you all the best.
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    Thank you for your comments and supports and links. I don’t know how to respond individually after the first one but I appreciate you all. 
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    I do remember the loss of my breast. You will mourn it and it can take years to get used to it being gone. I would suggest you have some times with either your breast screen McGrath nurse and or get regular appointments with a psychologist. I love seeing my psychologist as I can pour out all my fears and hangups that I wouldn't dare share with family or friends. I didn't commence it soon enough in my treatment and ended up with PTSD so your mental health is really as important as your physical battle with cancer.
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    Thank you for this honest sharing, I will definitely put something in place around my mental health especially as I won’t be able to do my usual exercise routines for a while  
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    Welcome, @Olivegreen, and my gosh you express yourself so well.  
    After jockeying eight months for a diagnosis, I too was suddenly faced with the loss of a breast.  I accepted it readily: my cancer was very rare, and aggressive, and at 75 I would not consider reconstruction.  This was during Covid lockdown, and I had no (effective) McGrath nurse, so I just went for it.  Everybody’s different, and of course if I had been younger, or had more of my person invested in my body, I would probably have felt rather differently.
    Anyway, I’m here to reassure you that the procedure itself was not traumatic and, after 18 months, I am quite at peace with my flat left chest.  I’m still contemplating a prophylactic mastectomy on the right, just to avoid hassles with bras, prostheses, knitted knockers and chicken fillets.
    Believe me, it’s quite a journey, but you will find greater clarity as you progress.  You will find great support on this site, and there are no silly questions.
    Best wishes