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Palbociclib Side effects back

That didn’t take long to have all the side effects back. i sure enjoyed the break maybe too much did heaps and had lots happening Just finished my 21 days and it's been like i didn’t get a break at all, mind you day 5 in and caught the flu and haven’t been able to shake it. The worst congestion and cough ever which doesn’t help the sore throat etc that I usually have with palbo. The itch is back. The snake skin and all the other joint aches from AI are intensified and about the only thing that hasn’t gotten bad yet is the lethargy (give it time). The alternative is not seeing any of the grandkids make me a great-granny.
 See the clinic this week. Had my dates out thought it was next week just as well they send me a text reminder. Its the gynaecologist next week. 
I’m going to see about a dose reduction to 100mg instead of the 125mg of Palbo 


  • Julez1958
    Julez1958 Member Posts: 1,176
    Hi @cranky_granny
    The side effects thing on the various drugs is a real lottery that’s for sure!
    Some get such terrible side effects ( like heart or lung damage 😱) they have to go straight off these types of drugs, others sail through  with very many Nina’s side effects and often there seems no rhyme or reason.
     Sending you virtual hugs.
  • arpie
    arpie Member Posts: 7,798
    Bugger bugger bugger xxx so sorry to hear that @cranky_granny xx  Sending big hugs too .... hope they can minimise the SEs xx