Free Art Classes in Kenthurst, Sydney

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I found this flyer from the Cancer Council and offered to promote it amongst the ladies here. It sounds great and its FREE!

It's a different kind of support group for anyone living with any kind of cancer diagnosis

"Living with cancer can be very isolating – get together with others in a social, relaxed and confidential space. Let go of being a ‘cancer patient’ and simply enjoy being creative."

TUESDAYS 10am - 4pm
Come as often as you like, stay as long as you like.

“I was able to sit and share my feelings about my treatment as well as tap into my inner creativity” RB

No art experience necessary!

Facilitated by professional Art Therapist Jody Thomson.

This is a new initiative funded by donations from local businesses in the Hills area of Sydney and assisted by the Groundswell Project.

It is FREE of charge to all participants and includes all art materials and refreshments.
Ph. 9654 2481 Jody or 0417 482 081

Creative Arts Cottage
1 Angus Road (CWA Hall)
Kenthurst NSW 2156
[email protected]****


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    You can attend any time tbroughout this year, and who knows, with funding, it may continue on to 2013!
  • DeeayDeeay Member Posts: 278
    The program is still continuing into 2017.
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    That's great! Thanks for sharing :heart:
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