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Newly diagnosed

Kin1223Kin1223 Member Posts: 6
I had my first mammogram and Ultra sound in May this year and everything looks all good.  Some time in July noticed a lump and went for second Ultra Sound.  It came back as breast tissue nothing to concern - no lump.  Even though I still feels it on my left breast.  Gone back to GP after 2 months and referred to a breast specialist.  Had my third ultra sound and this time not looking good.  Went for CT Scan, Bone Scan and biosy.  Deep down I knew it's going to be cancerous.  I cried after my third ultra sound result, I cried after my biosy.  But today when my doctor broke the news to me and my husband, I was calm.  My cancer has spread to my arm pit, CT scan and bone scan came up OK but I am being sent to do a PET scan next Monday.

I read a lot of stories on BCNA and trying to seek for some comfort that everything will be alright... in the same time I am overwhelmed with informations.


  • AfraserAfraser Member Posts: 4,021

    What bad luck! But well done for persisting and checking out something that seems wrong. The anticipation of the news you don’t want is sometimes worse than the actual diagnosis. Once you know, you are on the path to doing something about it and that often helps. 

    In the beginning, it’s confusing and information overload is normal. Gradually, your medical team will
    get a clear picture and then a plan of action. I discovered, quite suddenly and without finding a lump, that I had a well developed tumour and that cancer had spread to one lymph node in my armpit. I had surgery, chemo and hormonal therapy. It’s nearly ten years ago and sometimes seems very distant, sometimes like yesterday. But I’ve had a decade of living, working, travelling and experience I might not have had. Take heart, this is winnable, it’s occasionally a bumpy ride but it’s worth it. Best wishes. 
  • Cath62Cath62 Member Posts: 933
    Hi @Kin1223, it is such a shock isn't it. You are very in tune with yourself to keep pushing to get answers so well done to you. Funny how that intuition works isn't it. 

    @Afraser says it all beautifully really and yes you can get through this. It was good to have your husband with you. I would suggest he come to some other appointments too. It is sometimes hard to take it all in at the beginning so having a second set of ears helps. Writing your questions down to ask your dr is also a good thing to do. 

    At the beginning there is so many new terms and learning about the cancer and treatment but once treatment starts it feels better as you are doing something to get rid of this. 

    Don't read google dr. It really just causes anxiety. Best to stick to sites like these as there is good information available. Treatment for breast cancer has advanced so much and there is much success these days. 

    Eat well and take a little exercise in to stay strong during treatment. You can do this. 

    Reach out here. I found this online group just amazing as I went through my surgery, chemo, radium and now hormones suppression treatment. I was diagnosed in 2020. I feel good now. 

    Best wishes to you. 

  • arpiearpie Member Posts: 6,371
    So Sorry to see you join our exclusive club, @Kin1223 .... but you are in the right place for support and information when you need it. xx
    Well done on following your gut instincts ..... Ask them if you have dense breast tissue - as 'it' shows as WHITE on the screen, as does the cancer, so it is harder to detect.  Mine was missed 5 years ago by Breastscreen NSW due to my breast density - my GP found it by accident 4 months after a clear MG!  Have they identified which BC it is?  Lobular is, once again, more difficult to 'spot' as it doesn't always present as a 'tumour' ... it can be more 'stringy' and difficult to detect too.

    It is all a bit of a conveyer belt at the start - go here, go there, now go over there too .... There are SO many appointments to attend with different specialists .... you sort of get used to taking off your blouse & flashing your boobs at all sorts of strangers ....  Consider recording your appointments as well on your phone, so you can go over it later on if you need to - it is SO easy to miss bits whilst in the office with them.

    You can add your town/region to your profile - if you are rural, you can claim assistance re fuel and accommodation if/when you have to travel to appointment/hospital etc.

    All the best for your PET scan on Monday - try & keep busy, doing stuff you love doing .... 

    Jump onto this post, to check out other areas in the forum that may interest you (even humorous ones!) and links to art & craft, gardens, pets etc .... and a link to 'what to take to hospital with you' as well ....

    take care 
  • Kin1223Kin1223 Member Posts: 6
    Thank you all!  Will explore other area in BCNA.
  • TomobunTomobun Member Posts: 16
    Hi Kin1223

    Sorry to hear your diagnosis. You are very strong to be able to keep going back to your doctor. You will be okay to get through the treatments.
    Beautiful ladies have already explained about what to expect. Only one advice I can give you is that finding a good breast surgeon.
    Spread your words. You will surprise how many breast cancer survivors out there.
    Post this forum is another way to find one.
    My surgeon is great and I have been really well looked after. She helped me maintaining my mental health too.

     I wish your best.
  • FufanFufan Member Posts: 26
    @Kin1223 I empathise with your situation.  I had a clear mammogram in Jan 2021, and found a lump in May that year.  Four tests were inconclusive, but I persisted and finally got to a breast surgeon in December. Thank goodness I persevered: I had a rare and aggressive triple negative Metaplastic carcinoma. After mastectomy and chemo I am well at present, but I congratulate you on your persistence. Keep it up.  I also recommend you keep a written record of everything: so much is going on it’s very easy to lose track.  And stay on this site: you will get lots of support and good advice. Best wishes.
  • jennyssjennyss Member Posts: 1,657
    Dear @K,

    from jennyss in Western NSW
  • Julez1958Julez1958 Member Posts: 610
    Hi I had a PET scan ( all clear!) but the thing they never told me until I got there was I had to lie absolutely still for one hour beforehand after they injected this stuff into me.
    Not even allowed to read a book or look at my iPhone.
    I passed the time by going though every big  holiday I had been on as an adult - as I was 62 this took a little time.
    Waiting for the results was hard but in the end was all ok
    And I was glad my Dr ordered it ( was because of the size of my tumour).
    I had mastectomy , radiotherapy , reconstruction and am on hormone therapy for at least 5 years.
    This website has a lot of info and the forum is very helpful as we all “ get it” in a way  someone  who hasn’t received a BC diagnosis never really can.
    Take care🌺
  • Kin1223Kin1223 Member Posts: 6
    @Julez1958 - thanks for letting me know.  I was wondering why they said expect to be there at least 2 hours...I wish my PET scan all clear.  Finger cross.
  • Kin1223Kin1223 Member Posts: 6
    @Fufan - thanks for sharing your story.  Good to know that I was not the only one who did all the right thing to check mammogram.. US etc and it came up all clear yet still ended up with breast cancer.  I guess the part I did not took it well is I trusted all these test at the end of the day I am glad I persisted and listen to my own body and persisted.
  • iserbrowniserbrown Member Posts: 5,207
    Best wishes for your PET scan
    Once done and results back, fingers crossed all good and hopefully it will give you peace of mind

    Take care
  • LocksleyLocksley Member Posts: 846
    @Arn_007 just out one foot in front of the other and keep going.  You've got this.
  • Kin1223Kin1223 Member Posts: 6
    Thanks @Arn_007 - Had my PET this morning - all went well hopefully result will turn up all clear for me tmrw when see my surgeon and we will discuss more on treatment plan.  You are correct on the grief.  I try not to think too much into it and just take it one step at a time.  Planning to tell my two children tomorrow after doctor's appointment and I am worry the impact on them as my eldest 9 years old he is a very sensitive child. :(

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