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waiting game

Six months ago we were planning a move. Three days before the move I was diagnosed with metastatic BC and needed to wait for extra results which I received after we shifted.  Yesterday we found out our next moving date which is three weeks away. Yesterday I received the news that I need more tests as there is increased activity in my lymph nodes with a high probability that it is cancer. My treatment managed to kill off the bone cancer but the lymph nodes are not too happy. I will find out the results one week before our next shift. Maybe we need to stop moving? This place was supposed to be our home until retirement but hubby is being micromanaged and it is awful so we need to get out.(we live where we work).  The extra downside is that hubby has been waiting for prostate cancer surgery for five months and does not want to move from the area or else he has to go back on a waiting list. So we are homeless as of the end of October. His Surgery should be around the first week of November with four to six weeks recovery. Looks like our tent is going to get a workout. Okay. Onward and Forward.. The positive thing is hubby is getting away from this very toxic situation. Even homeless will be better than this. I have a camping R/F to keep the wine cold and a camping coffee cappuccino maker. What else could a girl want? Thanks for listening. 


  • arpie
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    oh dear - what a year you've had @Blossom1961..... All the best with your results next week .... hopefully it is just inflammation/infection as the lymph nodes are the first line of defence there, too xx .... 

    I hope hubby's surgery goes ahead as planned .... and that you are able to find somewhere comfy for the duration of his recovery/treatment ... I wonder if anyone needs a house 'looked after' in the area, that you could 'do'?  At least you'd have a bit more comfort factor?  Could the Social Worker attached to the hospital help you at all there, with suggestions?  

    Have you got your future accommodation sorted yet?  xx

    take care & all the best 
  • Keeping_positive1
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    Not sure if this may help you, but I believe you can be on a few waiting lists for surgery.  I have been on a waiting list for some surgery for three years, but I may see if I can go on multiple waiting lists in metro Melbourne.  It does "stink" having to wait for surgery, especially cancer related surgery.  Probably no harm in seeing if hubby can be on multiple lists and in the meantime see if you can get a housing support worker to source permanent housing on the grounds of you having mets and husband's situation also.

    I understand the toxic work situation having been through it myself and I am sure this contributed to my cancer diagnosis.  Do look after yourself and I hope some doors open up for you soon.  I agree, don't stay in a toxic work environment, been there done that, it really doesn't do us any favours, that is for sure.  Best wishes and hoping all the best for you and your hubby.  Take care. xx

  • iserbrown
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    Goodness sorry to hear of your predicament!  Here's hoping if it is what they think that once again it's caught early and can be eradicated!
    Best wishes coming your way as you find your next home
    The area you are in - can the social worker help you get some temporary accommodation
    Take care
  • June1952
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    Oh, @Blossom1961, you are having a lousy time on all fronts.  The best news is positive - hubby is getting away from that awful boss and you won't be hearing him being attacked all the time.  That is more stress and certainly not helpful cancer-wise.
    The house sitting idea is a good one if your dates coincide.  I have known people do that when others are heading overseas so that may be a chance.
    Do you have any mates in the caravan park industry who can offer you a cheaper rate for a longer term occupancy ?  Also, accommodation places which are rented out to holidaymakers may be an option - we have found they do a decent rate for longer term rentals - and the offer of cash is always a bonus to people !
    Thinking of you.  💖
  • Cath62
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    Don't know what to say @Blossom1961, not your year. I hope your lymph is inflammation and nothing more sinister.

    Poor hubby. I understand the waiting. My husband is waiting surgery for kidney cancer. He was diagnosed in July. We have been told it surgery will be before 29th December but still have not got a date. They did say that if an opportunity came up in a different hospital for him then they were transfer his case there to get the surgery earlier. Maybe you could look into a similar option. 

    So hard with so much uncertainty. Best wishes to you and your hubby. 
  • GenK
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    Just wanted to say thinking of you and hope everything goes as smoothly as it can. You’re juggling a lot. 
    Re the toxic situation, whilst it was difficult being homeless with health issues it was also a massive weight off leaving the toxic living situation, even though leaving it to sleep in a car or shelter was far from ideal I don’t regret it for a moment, even nearly 20yrs on. 
    Re the wait lists, completely understandable. I know I was able to tweak things in QLD, but the system may have changed there, and in NSW I was able to stay on wait list even though I moved, I just had mail sent to a P.O. Box and stayed within driving distance (granted 2hr drive, but still). I don’t know if that’s possible or an option in VIC, but I simply didn’t tell the hospital of the address change until I’d had what I needed done.
    regardless, hang in there 🌺
  • Keeping_positive1
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    Great to hear you have been offered some accommodation which you will probably take, wow that was quick and so pleased for you.  Also, not long now to wait for hubby to have his surgery.  Hopefully things start to pick up once you have settled into your new abode and hubby has left his job.  Is retirement in the near future?  I am loving my retirement from the paid workforce, can highly recommend it if possible :)

    Take care. xx

  • June1952
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    Fantastic news @Blossom1961 - one thing less for you to worry about.  Is MIL - and the pooch - far from the new accommodation ?
  • Blossom1961
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    @June1952 I check out the accommodation on Wednesday to see whether it is suitable to take my fur baby. Otherwise, she will be thirty minutes away.
    @Keeping_positive1 No such luck. We lost our business when I had cancer in 2018 and that was our house money. So off to work we go for as long as we are able. I will only be looking for part time as I fatigue easily nowadays. Hubby will be looking for full time.