Friday Update - 22nd July 2022

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Friday Update 22nd July 2022

Hi everyone,

Welcome members old and new to the latest update. I hope you find
the update and information provided useful. Please always feel free to provide
feedback of information you would like to see, and I will always try my best to
provide (Send me a private msg or comment in this discussion).

We have had some lovely sunny, frosty days here in Melbourne. Here
is a picture from my walk this morning. Take care.

Community highlights

Men living with breast cancer group

We released a new podcast today (details in this update). Therefore
it is a timely reminder about the online network private group Men
living with breast cancer
This is a private group for men who have breast
cancer, whether recently diagnosed, or living with the disease. Partners are
welcome to join this group. There are no topics off limits, so feel free to ask
questions, give advice, form friendships, or just know you are not alone in the
world of pink.


forum discussions

Members new and old may have missed some of the forum discussions that
have been most active the past fortnight:

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‘Category’ Name’ 9 Jul 22 – 22 Jul 22

Community News

Did you miss the BCNA Launceston TAS forum?

BCNA hosted its second
Information Forum for 2022 in Launceston, Tasmania for people living with
breast cancer. There were two concurrent information sessions throughout the
day - one for people with early breast cancer and one for people
with metastatic breast cancer.

We heard from a number of guest speakers, including medical
oncologist and supportive care physician Dr Ben Forster on the latest in
treatment and care, and oncology senior social worker Dr Carrie Lethborg on
managing the challenges of living with breast cancer. 

watch the on-demand videos of each presentation, please click here.

Breast Cancer Statistics 2022

The 2022 breast cancer
statistics have just been released by the Australian Institute of Health and
Welfare. These statistics provide insight into how Australians are affected by
breast cancer today. The number of women and men being diagnosed with
breast cancer is increasing; however the mortality rate continues to decrease.
The chance of surviving at least five years (five-year relative survival) has
risen to 91.8 percent. This means that Australia has one of the best breast
cancer survival rates in the world. You can read more on the BCNA
website page Understanding
breast cancer


Counterpart Online Workshop – How to live well with
metastatic cancer

Date: Wednesday, 27/07/2022

Time: 11.00am–12.00pm

Counterpart are running a
session next week, facilitated by cancer support nurse and counsellor, Tracey
Moroney.  Tracey works at Ringwood Private Hospital coordinating the
cancer support service which includes counselling and psychological support,
cancer support groups and education forums. She will give a short presentation
and then open up discussion and sharing for the women present. CLICK
for more info

Cancer Australia – Strengthening the Australian Cancer Plan
through collaboration

Australia has been working with stakeholders and the Department of Health and
Aged Care across the cancer system to develop the first Australian Cancer Plan
(ACP). The aim of the ACP is to provide an overarching national approach to
cancer control that meets the needs of all Australians now and in the future
and will address unacceptable disparities in outcomes. To read more and
sign up to receive regular updates go to the link  Cancer
Australia | Update July 2022 (


Webcasts - Register Now!

In this webcast, we will hear
from Medical Oncologist Professor Fran Boyle, Metastatic Breast Care Nurse
Alice Gibson, BCNA Consumer Representative Ros Casperson and BCNA member Cybele

Fran practices at the Mater Hospital in Sydney and is a professor
at Sydney Medical School. Her research focuses on breast cancer treatment,
supportive care and health professional communication. Alice has been a breast
care nurse since 2018 and supports her patients and their families as they
navigate the complexities that come with their diagnosis. 

Ros is a young mum who has lived with metastatic breast cancer for
over five years and Cybele was diagnosed with early breast cancer in 2010.
Genetic testing showed Cybele had the BRCA2 gene mutation, prompting her to have
a double mastectomy and hormone-blocking treatment. Then, in 2017 she was
diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer.  

The webcast will address what is important to know in those first
few weeks after a diagnosis of metastatic breast cancer including navigating
the health system, treatment options, identifying key members of your treating
team, and the support and care available to you Register
now via the following link:

Did you miss Ask the Expert digital event with Dr Michelle White on managing side effects of hormone blocking treatment? Dr Michelle White and BCNA Consumer Representative Kym Berchtenbreiter discuss the side effects of hormone blocking treatment and how to manage them. The video is now available to be viewed on-demand


45: In Conversation with Harry and Pieter: Raising awareness for men with
breast cance

Let’s be Upfront about men who are diagnosed with breast cancer.

Joining us for this In Conversation episode are Harry and
Pieter. Harry was diagnosed with early breast cancer in 2005 and metastatic
breast cancer in 2018. Pieter was diagnosed with triple-positive grade 3 breast
cancer in 2021, five years after losing his wife to the same disease.

During this candid conversation between Harry and Pieter, we’ll
hear their stories, including their initial reaction to their diagnosis, the
biggest challenges they faced, who they went to for support and why they want
to help spread awareness of the disease for other men.

Listen via this link or wherever you get your podcasts:

(Here are some pics of Harry & Pieter from the recent Pink Lady Match at the MCG)

That is all for today. Hope you found the update informative and if you have feedback or any concerns while online, please contact one of the moderators:

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