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Newly diagnosed - Triple Negative Breast Cancer

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    Hey @MargieD
    Welcome to the club no one wants to join. 
    I’m a TNBC grade 3 stage 2B 12+months out. (So finished active treatment). 
    The best ones to advise re “out and about” as you note is your medical team (I had masses of instructions and handouts re avoiding crowds, sick people  etc but also had food instructions re “undercooked and raw foods” etc. I called it “the pregancy diet”). 

    Good luck, immunotherapy “wasn’t offered” for me last year. I, like you, went for a solo walk very early every morning of treatment and I think it helped. I also applied “the coffee cure” (which was coffee with healthy mates at a table in a cafe that knew me - in my local area- that helped to protect my immune system by only letting healthy staff deal with me and my food and keeping me 2metres from others. My mates were also good about making sure not to expose me to them or their children who had/might have been unwell). 

    I found the first month or so that worst as the rollercoaster ride quick and scary, once you get into the “treatment routine” the week took on a regular pattern.  

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    Thank you for your response. So far I am feeling ok, just taking it one day at a time!
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