Newly diagnosed - private or public



  • Ausmum2
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    Hey @NikkiJ6 I’m a bit late to the party but I’m a GC TNBC chick too. I went private (had the insurances etc) but I know a lot of the lovelies who have gone public at both GC Uni Hospital or Robina and the Breastcare nurses rock on that pathway. I also had a private oncologist and surgeon who were “no gap” (incredible but true!). 
    As a TNBC and a young woman, also think about checking out So Brave and Pink Hope. There’s lots of support via them for the TNBC young ones also!
  • wendy55
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    Hi @Hankster, like you I am in SA I had to have radiotherapy recently and had it in a public hospital,we were also able to stay at the Cancer Council Lodge in Adelaide at no cost to us, as was the radiotherapy,I was treated very well and have nothing but praise for the staff,it really must be a hard decsion for those with private as to what to do, we do not have private health so did not have that worry, and whats more important to me I have had the same oncologist for the last 9 years at the same hospital,so in my case I have been extremely fortunate, I do know of women interstate who have gone public and never see the same dr twice.I guess it just depends where you live and which hospital you go to.