Annabel Crabb - Q&A on Recurrence & Fear of Recurrence - 11th May 5-6.30pm

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Annabel Crabb is doing another online presentation on Recurrence & fear of recurrence this time (last one was on mets)

I have registered & will hopefully watch it later as that is hubby's chemo day, so I may not be able to watch 'live'. 

You can also put up a specific question if you like when you register (tho as thousands attend, it may not be addressed 'live') 

I've put one up about Lobular recurrence - as it can also recur in the bowel/gut/stomach/bladder - but if a biopsy is done & the pathologist doing the tests is not aware of the Lobular status - it can be missed if they only use 'regular' cancer testing ..... it has to be specifically added on the 'request' to look for lobular.   Symptoms are cramping, diarrhoea, pain, bloating, reflux, incontinence .... so if you ever get any of this & it persists - get checked out & if you are ILC - mention it.

Join us for our next online Q&A all about breast cancer recurrence.

We're bringing together leading Australian breast cancer researchers to answer your questions on this important subject.

Moderated by Australian TV presenter, commentator and author Annabel Crabb.


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    Just a reminder - this is on tonight, from 5pm .....