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HI new to group I know I will need your help soon.
just been told I’ve got DCIS high grade just waiting to see specialist on Friday to see what my options are.
Scary to get my head round.
Thanks .


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    Sorry to see you here, @Pommy8 but Welcome to the club that no-one asked to join :( 

    We have all gone through different diagnoses and treatment but we all share that one common bond and know just how tough and scary it is at the start.  Here, you will always find someone to listen - and offer support when and if needed.  It is amazing the amount of information that is shared here - as we all start out knowing nothing!

    There is nothing easy about breast cancer - but we get through it, with help from the wonderful women and men on this forum.  Remember you are not alone.   Jump onto this thread for a lot of info on the forum & links to what to take to hospital & what questions to ask of your medical team ..... and STAY AWAY from DR GOOGLE!!  ;) 

    Where abouts are you? City/Town/region - if you add it to your profile (click on your name & then click on 'profile' on the left ...) then anyone living nearby may be able to help you with available services in your area - and maybe you can get together for a meet & greet. xx

    Take care, it is a good idea to take someone with you to your appointments for mental and physical support - record the meetings on your phone if you can, as it is easy to 'miss bits' at the time.

    All the best for your upcoming meetings
  • Cath62
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    Hi @Pommy8, it is so overwhelming isn't. @arpie has given you great advice. I am sorry you are going through this. There is a bit to get through for sure. 

    For now try not to get too far of yourself. It is all scary at the start with appointments and lots of information. Keep busy. Breathe deeply and push out the over thinking and what if thoughts.  Treatment is so good and so too is recovery.

     You have everyone's support here and you can ask anything. I could not have got through my breast cancer diagnosis and treatment without this group. 

    Let us know how it goes with the specialist if you like. Best wishes 
  • Pommy8
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    Hi @Pommy8, you're not alone, sorry you had to join us though :smile:

    Excellent suggestions and advice from @arpie and @Cath62.

    I'd suggest writing down some questions to ask at your appointment, and take someone with you if possible - I found I didn't really retain any information at all from my first appointment, and my husband had to repeat what the doctor had said.

    I'm in Perth as well - where are you getting your treatment? I'm still going through treatment at the moment - I've finished chemo and am having surgery next week and then radiation after that. I've been going to Charlies.

    All the best x

  • AngelaJS
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    Hi @Pommy8 it is overwhelming and a lot to take in.  I have recently been diagnosed and still waiting on some biopsy results and I reckon the waiting is the worst part cos we all want answers yesterday and we panic but what I have learnt thus far is to take one day at a time and there is time and no need to rush and make hasty decisions.  It is harder said than done but no major change is going to happen with the cancer if you follow the process and wait a couple weeks to make sure you have covered all the bases so to speak.  Like all the other members have said there are so many resources on bcna,  go there instead of Dr Google.  All the best hun,  we are all in this together,  you are sooooo not alone.  🥰🥰
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    Dear @Pommy8,

    from jennyss in  Western NSW
  • Julez1958
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    Hi @Pommy8 , welcome to the online network.
    There is a lot of support on here and no question is too trivial or silly - we have all been there one way or another.
    There is a lot of useful information on this website - it’s a lot to take in and I am still discovering stuff.
    I agree with what has been said above about taking someone to important medical appointments as you won’t take everything in .
    I took my husband and that was really helpful  as he remembered so much I didn’t .
    I also kept a journal to keep a record of test results etc but also to write down my feelings and that helped me a lot.
    But whatever works for you .
    I also tried to keep busy in the lead up to getting test results and having my surgery - as A every one says the waiting is very stressful.
    Ince I had my surgery I was in a much better headspace.
    Take care.🌺
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    Heaps of really good advice from everyone, @Pommy8 .... I forgot to mention about keeping BUSY - but someone else did! ;)   If you can, get out & keep doing things that you LOVE DOING .... ALL DAY, if necessary, to free up your headspace xx.  I love kayak fishing - so I basically just kept going out every day - I was on the water when I got the phone call to attend the GP for my biopsy results & immediately knew it wasn't good - because they hadn't noticed that I'd already Booked an appt for that day for the results .... !  But I kept fishing anyway!  xx. Trying to maintain a normal routine is good ...... 

    All the best for your surgery next week, @ilovewhenitrains .... great that you are in Perth - hopefully when you are both up to it, you can get together as a mini support group, for your mutual benefit.  I've met up with a few from BCNA when they've travelled to my town - and a few years ago, flew to Darwin to meet up with @Annie C ... and we had a ball for a week up there!!  We're looking forward to doing it again when all this Covid stuff settles down - but there will be 5 of us next time!  ;).  So many of us end up making REALLY GOOD FRIENDS on here .... that continues offline as well xx

    Annie lives in the Kimberley .... @JJ70 is in Perth and is VERY active in promoting the correct info (ie all mammograms in Australia are free from age 40 with no upper limit) - NOT 50-74 as is usually advertised by the numerous Breast Screening organisations around Australia .... Tho both WA and Qld are now putting up the correct age groups!  ..... Her Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Can40Do45 is famous, for calling out those who are still putting up false information!

    @Leone88 is also in Perth & she heads a Perth reconstruction support group  - so if you are looking at going down the reconstruction path .... you can chat to her, as well as join the Private Reconstruction Group (lower right side of the page) to discuss stuff in total privacy!  You can join ANY of the groups .... 

    @AngelaJS ... all the best with your biopsy results - how far away is Mackay from Hervey Bay?  We have members throughout Qld too, who you may be able to connect with?

    take care everyone xx

  • Pommy8
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    Thank you for taking time to reply.
    so nervous for my first chat with specialist tomorrow.
  • June1952
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    Hello @Pommy8 - do you have someone to go with you tomorrow ?  We are always nervous and can only take in a certain amount at these appointments so someone to take notes is a good idea.  If not, ask the specialist if you can record the meeting (on your phone) so you can refer back to it as you settle a bit.
    It is a scary time and we've all been there.  Do come back to us after your appointment an those with the same diagnosis will be a tremendous support.  💖  All the best, thinking of you.
  • Pommy8
    Pommy8 PerthMember Posts: 98
    Yes my partner is coming with me and he will take notes and hopefully record meeting .
  • Cath62
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    Thinking of you @Pommy8. Hope your appointment goes well today 💐
  • ilovewhenitrains
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    Good luck today @Pommy8 ❤️