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    Sorry to see you here @Chrissy1121 - you're in the right spot tho, for support & info from those who've gone before xx

    It is fairly common for more than one lump to be found on diagnosis (I had 2.) Sometimes they get the size wrong until the surgery ...  Feel free to join the Reconstruction group, Young Women's group or any other group that may help you. Most of these groups are totally private, so you can discuss ANYTHING with confidence.

    Yep, try not to second guess everything ..... I would suggest that you record your appointments and if you can, take a trusted friend with you - both as support and a 2nd set of ears - my sister in law was amazing at my appts - asking more questions than me! It is easy to miss a lot that is said at the time, as you are pondering one statement & miss the next one.  

    Whilst all this 'discussion & decision making' goes on - definitely try & keep things as normal as you can (but don't FORCE IT!)  I found that keeping BUSY really helped me in the early days, between original 'find' and scans/biopsies & then the wait for the results .... it is all very worrying.  So if you have some hobbies that are all consuming ..... try & keep them up, as I find this bloody disease mucks with your BRAIN as much as anything else!   grrrr. 

    What age are your kids?  There are support groups available for kids who's parents have cancer ..... sometimes it is good if they mix with kids going thru the same as them xx

    take are, all the best for your upcoming appts ..... xxx

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    Hi there @Chrissy1121. Sorry you've had to join our club, but at least you know that we all get it in all aspects of this diagnosis. I was diagnosed in September 2016 with Triple Positive, Stage 3, Grade 3, Multifocal (3 lumps) and at least one node on the left and so called 'abnormal geography' on the right. I had 4 X AC chemo, followed by 12 X Paclitaxel and Herceptin for just under a year. Due to preexisting medical conditions, I was unable to have radiotherapy and so had a bilateral mastectomy after chemo finished. I remain NED evidence of disease. Aged 58 at diagnosis and now 63. Good luck for your upcoming treatment....Ally.
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    Thank you for sharing your experiences and advice with me, much appreciated.  I joined the Reconstruction Group so that's been a really great source for information. My son is 15 and I'm 52 and we live in North Brisbane QLD, just to share some other details.  I agree keeping busy is the key so I will continue to do that until I speak with my Surgeon next week. 
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    We have HEAPS of members in Qld - and there are some wonderful services available to you ..... pop it into your Profile, so members can see - hopefully you'll be able to meet up with members for a coffee & a chat when this covid thing allows xxx

    How is your son coping?  He will be scared for you too ....I hope you both have good family & friends support backing you up xx

    All the best for your meeting with your surgeon next week ..... Yep, definitely record it on your phone so you have a full copy of it 

    take care xx

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    You probably already know this but ask your specialist if you can use your phone to record the conversation as it is illegal to do so without permission.  All the best for next week and for whatever is planned to get rid of this monster.  💖
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    Dear @Chrissy1121,
    Back in 2017 my one suspicious lump turned into two on further investigation; both in the left breast. I am doing fine four years later after a lumpectomy, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. 

    from jennyss in Western NSW

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    So glad to hear you are doing fine four years on.  Thanks for your support.