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Double mastectomy with DIEP breast reconstruction

BreeBree Member Posts: 1 New Member
Hello, I have just joined this online forum today.  I am scheduled to have a double mastectomy with DIEP breast reconstruction on the 20th October 2021.  I have BRCA 2 gene mutation so have chosen this surgery as a preventative measure.  My mum is a breast cancer survivor and I have been affected by other types of cancer through my Dads family.

I am feeling very overwhelmed and relieved at the thought of being able to move forward with my life post surgery.  I'd love to hear from anyone who'd like to share their experience with me. 



  • Julez1958Julez1958 SydneyMember Posts: 402
    Hi you should join the private group here “ choosing breast reconstruction”.
    Also the website “ lReclaim  your curves” is worth a look.
    I am 7 weeks post DIEP flap surgery and very pleased with my choice.
    the first few days were tough and I was glad I spent the time to get as fit as I could for the surgery ; (mine was 9 hours).
    I am 63 so was wondering was I too old for this surgery?
    My ( amazing) plastic surgeon told me he had done heaps of women in their 70s which made me feel better.
    All the best for your surgery and recovery.🌺
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