Taxol reaction and covid vacc

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Hi - has anyone who had a prior taxol reaction had a covid vacc? If so what was the process / outcome? My gp and oncologist are ok with me having covid vacc even though there is common ingredient as taxol - which I had (several) mild reactions too during chemo- they have both said go to a hospital setting and I would need to be monitored for 30 minutes not just 15 minutes. Was curious to know if others experiences. Thanks 😊 


  • KatyJoy
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    I had a reaction to docetaxol (arrhythmia) and have had 2 doses of Comirnaty(Pfizer) vaccine with no problems. I think docetaxol is similar
  • AllyJay
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    There are two different emulsifiers in the vaccines, PEG...Polyethylene, in Pfizer and Polysorbate 80 in the Astrazeneca (and Paclitaxel). Some people are sensitive or have an allergic reaction to these. They are used in injections such as vaccines, taxol and other injectable drugs to emulsify or mix oily substances with watery ones. They are also used in tablets, laxatives, hand sanitiser gels, cosmetics, hair conditioner and more. It is not one of the active ingredients of the taxol, but a stabilising agent. Your doctors will know which is best for you, but if you do have a reaction, forewarned is forearmed, and they will know what drugs to give to counteract any reaction.