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New member - Question re oral chemotherapy capecitabine



  • wendy55
    wendy55 Member Posts: 774
    Hi @Ellamary98,
    I too was on capecitibine for 34 months, I used to buy my white cotton gloves from the supermarket, they were about $2 a pair and I had about 8 pairs,so I always had a clean pair handy,I had to wear them to drive and for everyday use,they made life so much easier,my feet too were very sore and peeled,again it was just cotton socks, especially those that had those little black dots on them to grip the floor,and thank goodness I had a dishwasher!!!.
    I found that I could not peel vegetables or do any fiddly type things,I am very lucky that I have a very supportive partner.

  • Janis
    Janis Member Posts: 16
    Hi @wendy55,
    It's quite awhile since we spoke as I couldn't get into this site and became frustrated, so just disappeared into daily life. 
     I was stable on kisqali and femara with not many side effects. My avatar was smiley van winkle but since then have rejoined BCNA a few weeks ago with a new profile. Kisqali and femara stopped working for me and I was put on Afinitor and Exemestine 5 months ago, dose had to be reduced because of bad mouth ulcers and recently I became unwell after a long caravan trip up north and upon having ct and bloods on returning it was found this treatment had stopped working and now have lung mets.
    I was interested to see you were on Capecitabine which I have just started my first cycle today, hope I get a good run on this one.
    Must get some cotton gloves and sox as you recommend just to be prepared.
    Hope you are going well and still enjoying your caravan trips.
    Cheers, Janis 🙂