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Inspiration from Nightbird

Lisa1407Lisa1407 Elwood, VictoriaMember Posts: 258
edited July 2021 in Metastatic breast cancer
For those of you who need some inspiration. This link takes you to a segment of America's Got Talent where a beautiful 30 year old woman sings her own song about her MBC journey over the last 12 months. The song, her voice, and her attitude is truly beautiful and inspiring (although a little bit sad).



  • Julez1958Julez1958 SydneyMember Posts: 606
    OMG between this and the post above Tribute I had a really good cathartic cry!
    What a beautiful piece.
  • Cath62Cath62 Brisbane Member Posts: 930
    Thanks for posting @Lisa1407
  • arpiearpie Mid North Coast, NSWMember Posts: 6,356
    That is so moving - what a unique voice and song .... I hope she makes it to the final & takes it out xx
  • iserbrowniserbrown Regional VictoriaMember Posts: 5,198
    OMG!  Did she say she has a 2% survival rate?

  • LocksleyLocksley Macedon Ranges, VictoriaMember Posts: 846
    Well I'm blubbering again.  Thst was beautiful and yes she said 2% chance.
  • BeaglemumBeaglemum Member Posts: 43
    Having read this post I watched the link, it was so sad and so inspiring, yes i cried, beautiful lady with an inspirational  message - don't ever give up 
  • wendy55wendy55 Copper Triangle South AustraliaMember Posts: 744
    Hi @Lisa1407,
    Yes I too read about her passing,I couldnt put it any better myself, WHY - 
  • arpiearpie Mid North Coast, NSWMember Posts: 6,356
    Well said Lisa..xx  I saw that post too :(  she made a terrific impact on a lot of people.

    Feeling So sad for the family xx
  • June1952June1952 Regional VictoriaMember Posts: 1,523
    Thank you, @Lisa1407 for sharing that beautiful performance as I'd not seen it or indeed had not heard of 'Nightbirde'.

    What an amazing lady.  So calm and obviously deeply religious.  I found the family's obituary:

    It is a cruel world.  We often say "why someone so beautiful when these bad people go through life with no real worries".

    RIP beautiful Nightbirde.    
  • Cath62Cath62 Brisbane Member Posts: 930
    RIP to this beautiful lady. Such an amazing tale she had and she fought the good fight. Cancer really is a tough gig. 
  • Keeping_positive1Keeping_positive1 Member Posts: 434
    May Jane RIP, taken too young, and now in God's loving care.  

    Thank you @Lisa1407 for picking up on the thread, and I had heard Nightbirde had passed, so young, such a beautiful soul. 
  • wendy55wendy55 Copper Triangle South AustraliaMember Posts: 744
    HI @June1952,
    thank you for that link, I read what had been written, again what an amazing young woman and so many lives that she touched, as I said before I can only say WHY, having metastatic breast cancer myself,there are just so many questions and just so few answers,all I can do is to take inspiration from Janes life and apply it to my own especially when I am having a bad day.

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